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6 Google Apps which can empty your Bank Account

IamCheated.com Research Team | July 16, 2019  3:28:pm

6 Google Apps which can empty your bank account

Google has become a very important part of our lives. Each day we use one or the other application or services offered by Google. It offers various services to people and is popular across the World.

As a lot of people use the technological giant's applications and services, and it has become a target for cybercriminals to make quick money. According to a report, cyber crooks are targeting Google services like drive, photos; calendar, and so on, to cheat people of their hard-earned money.

In this blog, we will discuss 6 Google apps which are used by online fraudsters to trick people and wipe out money from their bank accounts.

1. Google calendar - Used to create fake appointments

Cybercriminals send fake invitations to users and add them on their Google Calendar Schedule. The invitation is in the calendar and a pop-up notification is sent, a few days prior to the start of the event. As soon as users click on the link, they are redirected to a website featuring a questionnaire with prize money. To avail the prize, users will be asked to fill in their credit card information and other additional information, which is used by the scammers to steal money or for identify-theft.

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2. Google Photos: Used to share photos that promise money

Cyber crooks make use of google photos to send pictures which consist of comments regarding sudden large money transfer promises. This fraud takes place only when users respond to such mails.  To the receiver of the email, it looks like a normal harmless mail. But, this is actually a fraud.

3. Google Maps: Used to create fake business profiles

The fraudster creates a fake listing on Google maps using the name of a genuine business. This is done with the intention of tricking people into dealing with fake business enterprises, instead of the real ones.

4. Google Drive: By using Cloud storage

Many malware and phishing pages which target users' sensitive information move to the cloud, through the Google drive. So, you must be careful on the suspicious links you receive via Google Drive.

5. Google Forms: Used to send fake surveys and quizzes

With the help of Google Forms, you can collect information from users by carrying out surveys and quizzes. Fraudsters are misusing this feature to collect personal information. This information is used to carry out a fraudulent transaction.

6. Google Analytics: Used to target organizations

Google Analytics is a tool used by organizations to track the number of visitors to their website. Fraudsters are malicious links which may contain text or images using google analytics. The link may contain attractive subjects, but the main intention is to collect personal and organizational data.

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