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A Story Of How Dr. Fraud Cheated Online Shopping Sites

IamCheated.com Research Team | March 01, 2019  7:33:pm

You must have heard of fake online shopping portals cheating innocent people, by not delivering the product or by delivering a fake product. But, this case is different. A person posed as a doctor and cheated many online shopping portals. As online shopping is gaining popularity these days, frauds are on the rise. Not just customers, fraudsters are even cheating online shopping portals.

There have been many cases where fraudsters cheated online shopping portals, claiming that they had received stones in the package and sort a refund from companies.

In less than two years, the online shopping major Flipkart, had lost Rs 1.6 crores to refund customers who claimed they received stones and mud instead of the items ordered. There was another case where a woman duped Amazon of Rs 70 Lakh by returning fake products over a year.

In this blog, we will talk on how a marketing executive posed as a doctor and cheated several online shopping portals.

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A Story Of How Dr. Fraud Cheated Online Shopping Sites

A marketing executive who posed as a doctor used to order phones from different online portals and opt for cash on delivery. Each time he ordered a phone, he used to give the address of some random hospitals and ring up the delivery executive saying that he was a senior surgeon at that hospital.

When a delivery executive came to deliver the product, he used to act busy and pretend to misplace his wallet. He would tell the delivery executive to wait at the reception, so that he could get the wallet. While the delivery executive would wait at the reception, he would flee from another entrance.

The accused had cheated several online shopping portals. He is basically from Pune and he used to travel to Mumbai frequently, to carry out this fraud.

The Modus Operandi came to light when he cheated a courier boy at Bhatia Hospital in Mumbai and disappeared with a brand new iPhone, which he had ordered from an online shopping portal. The accused used the same wallet trick and never came back.

After waiting for a long time, the delivery executive asked the security guard to call the senior surgeon, but was told that the senior surgeon was on leave. The delivery executive somehow collected the senior surgeon's phone number and called him up. The executive was shocked to know that the senior surgeon had never ordered the phone.

The delivery executive filed a police complaint at the nearest police station. The police arrested the fraudsters with the help of CCTV footage. He had also used the same method to call the delivery executives to malls and five-star hotels. 

The accused was earlier involved in a fraudulent dollar exchange business, after he was arrested by police; he switched to the online shopping scam.

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