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Ads on housewives earning lakhs. Is it true?

IamCheated.com Research Team | July 17, 2019  6:35:pm

Ads on housewives earning lakhs. Is it true?

The number of people using the internet is rising each day. It is expected that internet users in the country would reach 627 million by 2019. Now, the internet is available to the common man. Anybody with a mobile and internet connection can get information on any topic in seconds.

While a lot of people are using the internet, online frauds are on the rise. Cybercriminals are very smart and have come up with new ideas each day to swindle people. In this blog, we will discuss how fraudsters are cheating people through fake advertisements.   

Whenever you browse the internet, you get to see a lot of advertisements at the top corner or bottom of the screen. Do you think these ads are true? No, not always. There are fake advertisements which are posted with the intention of cheating people and making quick money. Many people think these advertisements are genuine and lose hard-earned money.

Recently, Malayalam television actress Beena Antony, filed a police complaint against a website called Career Journal for using her photograph to post a fake advertisement. The Website was using her photograph for their online money-making campaign. They featured the actress as a housewife who lives in Kochi and earns Rs 4.5 Lakh a month, just by working from home. The cybercriminals changed the actor's name to Aabha Karpal and introduced her as a housewife who works from home.

The webpage described the way she earned Rs 4.5 Lakh a month. The advertisement also mentioned that the website was offering a similar package to other netizens to earn just like her. To purchase the digital profit course, people had to pay a very large amount of money.

The Kochi City Police deal with at least two to three such cyber crimes cases each day. Most of the complaints are regarding victim’s photos being used by unknown people on social media, or on unknown web pages to promote products or services.

These are done with the intention of attracting people to purchase their products. After you purchase the product or online course, you get to know it’s useless.  So, you have to be very careful with those advertisements. Not all the advertisements posted online are genuine. Before trusting any advertisements, make sure to do proper research on the company.

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