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Advantages Of Online Shopping

IamCheated.com Research Team | October 25, 2018  6:39:pm

What is online shopping?

Online shopping allows customers buy goods and services from sellers over the internet. Due to growth in technology, many companies have shifted from offline sales to online sales. Since the past few years, many people in India have started shopping online because of the ease and convenience it offers. In the year 2017, 108 million consumers indulged in online shopping in India and 120 million people are expected to shop online this year. Because of various advantages, more and more people are shopping online these days. In this blog, we will discuss various reasons why people prefer shopping online.

Advantages of online shopping

These are the various advantages of online shopping

1. Its convenient

One of the important reasons why everyone loves shopping online is because of the ease and convenience offered. In this busy life, people want everything to happen at the click of a button. With online shopping, you can buy whatever you want at any time you please. There is no need to visit the shop to purchase things or stand in a queue for billing.

2. Good deals

Online shopping helps save a lot of money and time, as there are always offers going on. Prices of the products sold online are cheaper when compared to offline products, as they come directly from the manufacturer or seller. There are always a lot of offers like cashbacks, discount coupons and so on.

3. A lot of variety

Online shopping portals are no less than shopping malls. You can shop for products across a variety of brands. Lakhs of sellers are registered on e-commerce sites to sell products. Online shopping helps you buy everything, starting from a water bottle to a refrigerator. If you do not like the products of one seller, you can look to another seller who sells similar products.

4. No compulsive shopping

In case of offline shopping, shopkeepers may force you to buy the products which you really don't need. If you have visited just to buy a product you badly need, you end up buying five other products, you don’t need. Lack of choices may force a compromise.  

5. Helps you to compare prices

Online shopping allows you to compare the price of the products on various online shopping sites. For instance: If you like one kurti in Myntra, you can check the price of the same kurti on Flipkart and Jabong and buy it from the site which sells it at a lower price.

6. Saves money

If you go out shopping, you will have to spend money on transportation, eating out and so on. But in the case of offline shopping, you can buy whatever you want from the comfort of your house.

7. Track the delivery

Online shopping allows you to track your order and delivery status. You can find out where your product is and when it will reach you.

8. No crowd

During the festive season, all the shops and shopping malls will be fully crowded. You will have to stand in a long queue for the billing and also parking could be a big headache. But, in the case of online shopping, you can avoid all these issues.

9. Availability

In case of offline shopping, there is a specific time for shopping. If you are late from work, the shop will be closed. With online shopping portals never close and you can shop 24x7. You can also shop at midnight.

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