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Are credit card, loan and insurance agents calling you? How did your info leak?

IamCheated.com Research Team | May 22, 2019  1:53:pm

Receiving calls from agents who ask you to avail insurance, loans, and credit cards have become very common these days. A lot of people receive at least one such call a day and of course, it is very annoying. Many people who receive all these calls still wonder how the callers got their details. We normally block those numbers and ignore them. But, this should actually concern you as callers have got access to your personal information. In this blog, we will discuss how your information got leaked.

Normally, agents collect your information through social media platforms in case you have posted your contact details and your account is public. Apart from this, agents follow an illegal way to gain access to your details. It is nothing but purchasing your data from the shop or cafe where you get your ID documents scanned or photocopied.  Some shops and cyber cafes keep a copy of your documents and sell them to agents for money.

Getting your documents photocopied is unavoidable as it is required in most of the places. Whether you are a student or working person, you need to get your documents photocopied at some point in time. You need to submit photocopies of your documents in various situations like joining a new college, new job, applying for a loan, opening a new bank account and so on.

When you get your documents photocopied, certain shops keep your details without your knowledge. For example: If you have asked the shopkeeper to take 5 printouts of your documents like PAN card or Aadhaar card, he might take 6 printouts and keep 1 for himself and then sell it.

Even cyber cafes steal your documents and sell them for a lot of money. This usually happens when you upload your documents on their system. There are a lot of other ways through which your personal details are stolen and sold.  This is very risky, as fraudsters can misuse your information and cause a lot of problems.

Another way used to steal your information is by handing over the lucky draw coupons at malls and markets. This is normally done to collect your information like name and contact details. These slips are handed over to people by promising attractive prizes, foreign trips and so on. But, this is not true. The main intention behind this is collecting personal information of people. Once the information is collected it will be then sold.

How to avoid fraud?

Here are certain tips to avoid this fraud

1. Stand near the photocopy machine and make sure the shopkeeper has not taken extra copies.

2.  Ask the cyber cafe owner to delete the scanned copy from his system in front of you.

3. In case you have uploaded your documents online using the public system, delete the history and cache immediately.

4. Do not share your personal information with any event organizers and unverified lucky draws.

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