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Beware! Dating app frauds are rising in India

IamCheated.com Research Team | June 05, 2018  7:26:pm

India is the second most populous country in the World and about 60 Crore people, more than half of India’s population, are under 25 years. As India has more young people, dating apps are gaining popularity and people using dating apps are increasing each day. As many young people are using dating apps, people falling victim to dating app frauds are on the rise.

Recently fraudsters from Bengal cheated many young men from Pune, through various dating apps. Fraudsters cheated victims of Lakhs of rupees, just by posing as women. As per the complaints received, no women in the city have fallen prey to the dating app fraud.

Last year the Pune Police cyber crime cell had received 60 complaints from people who had been cheated on dating apps and websites. According to the cyber crime cell, only a few victims had come forward to lodge complaints because many were embarrassed to do so.

While conducting investigations, the cyber crime cell got to know that most of the fraudsters were from West Bengal, because in many cases money was transferred to a bank account in West Bengal.

Example of victims who have fallen prey to dating app frauds

An IT Professional from Pune who stays alone in the city had registered himself on various dating apps and websites. He matched himself on a dating app with a woman and started chatting with her. After getting close to her, she started demanding money from him saying she needed money urgently because of some problems. He trusted her and transferred Rs 4.5 Lakhs to this lady. After some days he realized that he was duped by the fraudster. Later, he registered a police complaint and when the bank account was tracked, police got to know that money was transferred to other states.

The Cyber crime cell had also received a complaint from a 70-year-old man who was duped through an online dating app.  Frauds are not just happening on online dating applications and websites, the cyber cell has also been receiving complaints on matrimonial fraud. So you have to be very careful before getting close to anyone on dating apps or matrimonial sites.

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