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Beware! You can be fined for giving a lift to strangers

IamCheated.com Research Team | June 25, 2018  1:52:pm

The Motor Vehicle Act in India has a number of rules that should be followed by citizens. If the owner of the vehicle does not follow these rules, he will be charged a hefty fine. In this blog we will discuss an incident, where a resident of Mumbai had to pay a fine for giving a lift to strangers.

Nitin Nair while traveling to Andheri, found a group of people including an old man stuck in rain. Being courteous, he offered them a lift. He was then caught by the traffic policeman and had to pay a fine of Rs 1,500 for the same. He also had to struggle for many days to get back his driving license.

Nitin has shared a post on social media advising private vehicle owners regarding the law that can be used to levy fines, for giving lifts to stranded strangers on the road.

The incident took place on June 18th when Nitin was traveling to his office in Andheri from Airoli (Navi Mumbai). It was raining heavily, so he decided to give a lift to a group of people who were waiting for a bus to travel on the same route.

As soon as he picked them up, a traffic policeman stopped him and asked that he submit the license. Nitin thought that he might have stopped the car in a no parking zone. But, the police officer gave him a receipt and confiscated his license. When he asked for a reason, he was told that it was illegal to give lifts to unknown people. Nitin was asked to report to the police station the next day, pay a fine and get the license back.

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The following day when Nitin went to the police station, he was told to go to a local court where he was charged under the Section 66/192 of the Motor Vehicle Act. Four days after the incident, Nitin went to court and paid a fine of Rs 1500.

According to the Section 66 of the Motor Vehicle Act “No owner of a motor vehicle shall use or permit the use of a vehicle as a transport vehicle in any public place, whether or not such a vehicle is actually carrying any passengers or goods save in accordance with the conditions of a permit granted or countersigned by a Regional or State Transport Authority or any prescribed authority authorizing him the use of the vehicle in that place in the manner in which the vehicle is being used,”

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