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Beware before you scan QR code

IamCheated.com Research Team | December 10, 2019  2:36:pm

Beware before you scan QR code

As the number of people using online transactions is increasing, online frauds are on the rise. Fraudsters come up with innovative tricks each day to wipe out money from the bank accounts of innocent people. Now, the fraud which is spreading like wildfire in the last few days is the QR code fraud. In the last 7 days, Bengaluru police have received 5 complaints regarding QR code scam. 

You must be aware of what QR code is. It is nothing but a Quick Response code that can be used for contactless payments. You can make the payment just by scanning the QR code. This technology is really very useful as the payments can be made with fewer hassles. But, the sad part is; it is being misused by fraudsters to cheat innocent people. So from the next time, you must be careful before you scan the QR code. Here in this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about this fraud.

This fraud normally takes place with the people who are trying to sell used products on the online platform. In most of the cases, the buyers pretend to be Indian Army personnel. This is done to gain the trust of people, so that they can easily be duped.

Real-life incidents

A 30-year-old man wanted to sell his mattress, so he put up an advertisement on an online platform. A few hours after registration, he received a call from a person who introduced himself has a defense personnel. The caller said that he was interested in buying the mattress for Rs 23,500. He also said that he would transfer the amount and forwarded a link to a Quick Response (QR) code and asked the seller to scan it.

As soon as the seller scanned the QR code, Rs 10,000 got debited from his bank account. When he called the buyer, he said that it was a mistake and asked to scan the QR code again to transfer back Rs 10,000 along with Rs 23,500. When he scanned the QR code again, another Rs 40,000 was debited from his bank account. He tried calling back that number but it was switched off.

In another case, a person lost Rs 46,000 to a similar kind of fraud while he was trying to sell a motorcycle through an online portal. The fraudster introduced himself as an army personnel and expressed interest to buy a motorcycle. The fraudster said he would transfer the money and sent the QR code. As soon as QR code was scanned, Rs 46,000 was withdrawn from the victim's bank account.

How did this fraud take place?

QR code is similar to a bar code which can be read by a machine. By scanning this code, you can easily make payments to another person. To make payments easy and hassle-free many apps and e-wallets have these features. It is believed that QR code fraud has taken place as the QR codes which were scanned contained malware that stole information from smartphones.

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