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Beware of ATM Card Swapping Fraud

IamCheated.com Research Team | July 23, 2019  6:46:pm

Beware of ATM card swapping fraud

Many of us rely on ATM cards to withdraw cash and make payments. When compared to the last ten years, the number of people using ATM cards is on the rise. As many people use ATM cards, frauds too are increasing.

If you are not careful while withdrawing cash from the ATM, you can lose hard-earned money. Fraudsters have come up with various tricks to cheat ATM card users. The most common method used by fraudsters to cheat ATM card users is card skimming.

In the case of card skimming, a small electronic device called skimmer is fitted inside the ATM to steal your card information. Card skimming is normally carried out by professional fraudsters who have technical knowledge.

Apart from card skimming, there is another method used by fraudsters to rob ATM card users, which is  ATM card swapping. In this fraud, the burglar replaces your original ATM card with a dummy and withdraws money.  They normally target ATMs in areas where there are less educated people, bank ATMs without guards and even non-functioning ATMs.

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Fraudsters wait for the target and enter the ATM cubicle with them. While the victim is carrying out the transaction, they note down the PIN number.  If the transaction fails, fraudsters offer to help complete the transaction. Somehow, they replace the original ATM card with a fake one without the victim’s knowledge.

Real-life incident

A person from Ghaziabad had gone to an SBI ATM to withdraw cash. But, he was not able to withdraw cash from the ATM, due to some issues. A person who was standing next to him offered to help. The victim agreed and handed over his card to the fraudster. He asked the victim to enter his PIN number after swiping the card at the ATM.  But, the transaction failed again.

The fraudster told the victim that there might be some issues with his account and handed over the card. When the victim reached home he received a message from the bank stating that Rs 32,000 has been withdrawn from his bank account. When he filed a complaint, he got to know that the ATM card which he was holding was a fake. The fraudster had actually replaced the original ATM card with the dummy card.

How to avoid this fraud?

1. Never disclose your ATM PIN number to anyone including bank employees.

2. Do not handover ATM card to anyone, including your family members.

3. Do not take the help of strangers while withdrawing cash from the ATM.  

4. Make sure nobody is standing behind when you transact at the ATM.

5. Do not use the ATMs which are located in dark areas without a guard.

6. Avoid swiping your card at a machine which looks bulky.

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