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Beware Of Fake Customer Care Numbers

IamCheated.com Research Team | March 05, 2019  6:42:pm

Beware Of Fake Customer Care Numbers

Customer service is a very important part of the business. Whenever customers face any problems or grievances, the first thing that comes to mind is to contact customer care. Every business has a customer support team, to look into customers complaints and resolve them.

The main intention of having a customer support team is to keep customers happy by helping them out. But, fraudsters are setting up a fake customer support team to cheat customers who are already in a trouble.

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In the past few months, many people have lost their hard earned money by calling up a fake customer care number. If you search for a customer care number of a particular company on Google, you get to see many numbers coming up.  But, all those numbers are not genuine. Calling up those numbers is dangerous and you can lose hard earned money.

Here are the real-life stories of how people lost their money by calling up a fake customer care number

1. A woman in Mumbai was facing an issue with her e-wallet and wanted to contact the customer care of the e-wallet player. As she didn't have the customer care number, she started searching for it on Google. After searching she found a number and called up that number assuming it to be the official customer care number. The fraudster who picked up the call posed as the customer care executive of the e-wallet company and collected all her personal details like card number, CVV and OTP.  As soon as she provided all these details, Rs 1,00,000 was debited from her bank account.

2. In another incident, a woman from Pune had purchased a product from an online shopping portal. As she didn't like the product, she returned it. She did not receive the refund for the product returned. So, she called up the customer care of the online shopping portal. In order to receive the refund, she was asked to provide her card details and OTP. She had lost nearly Rs 80,000 on providing these details.

3. In another incident, an e-wallet user from Bengaluru who wanted to restore the app on his new phone, called up the helpline number that showed up after an online search for the mobile wallet’s helpline number. The fake customer care executive who picked up the call asked the e-wallet user to download the AnyDesk app and forward a hashed string text that he received. Soon after he shared the text, nearly Rs 1 Lakh was withdrawn from his account.

How fraudsters are posting fraud number?

Fraudsters post their numbers on the internet as the customer care numbers, either by commenting on popular blogs or by publishing blogs with their numbers. They also replace the original number of the banks, shops or any other establishment by editing the contact details on Google Maps.

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How fraudsters are using Twitter to carry out this fraud?

If the customers have an issue or query with the particular company, they tweet it on the official Twitter handle of that company.  Fraudsters who keep track of what’s being posted react immediately to these tweets by providing fake customer care numbers.

Customers who call up these fake customer care numbers are asked to provide sensitive information like card details and OTP. Fraudsters will carry out fraudulent transactions using that information.  

How to avoid Customer Care fraud?

1. Do not simply call up the number which comes in the Google search. Instead, you must visit the official website of the company for contact details.

2. Do not provide your personal details to anyone over the phone. No banks or reputed companies will ask you to provide your personal details like card number, CVV and OTP over the call. 

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