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Beware of Fake Facebook Ads

IamCheated.com Research Team | June 29, 2019  6:32:pm

Beware of Fake Facebook Ads

Facebook is a very popular social media site, which has got a large number of users across the World. Apart from Facebook helping users stay in touch with friends and family, it also lets people advertise their business on its platform. Whenever you visit Facebook, you come across various ads and if you like the advertisement, you can visit the website and make the purchase.

But, the sad part is, fraudsters are misusing Facebook advertisements by posting fake ads with the intention of stealing your money and personal information. Many fake online shopping portals post their advertisements on Facebook and most of these advertisements entice customers. They display excellent products at very cheap rates on their website. When customers order from those websites, they either get a fake product or they do not get the product at all. even if the payment is made.

Some fake websites steal your personal information with the intention of wiping out money from your bank account.  So, you have to be very careful on the advertisements you come across on Facebook.  In this blog, we will discuss a real-life incident of a person who lost Rs 9,000 by clicking on a Facebook advertisement.

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Here is what exactly happened?

A person was browsing Facebook and he came across an advertisement of a "powered suitcase that follows you".  As he liked the product, he clicked on the advertisement, to make the purchase. When he clicked on the advertisement, he was directed to a website called www .uashoes.club/CNKO.

While booking the product, he was asked to provide the shipping address and card details. He provided the shipping address and credit card details to make the payment. But, the transaction did not take place and he received the failed transaction message. After some time, two fraudulent transactions had taken place with his card in the Chinese yuan currency.  One transaction was for 426 Yuan and the other for 483 Yuan. These two transactions took place in just 8 minutes between 8.20am and 8.28am.

Soon after the fraudulent transaction took place, the victim called up customer care of the credit card company and got his card blocked.  The victim has filed a police complaint and police registered a case under IPC Section 420 for cheating and IT Act sections 66(C) for identity theft and 66(D) for cheating by impersonation.

How to avoid this fraud?

To avoid this kind of fraud you must do proper research on the website before making a purchase. Make sure to check the customer reviews on the website. Don’t fall for the offers which seem too good to be true.

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