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Beware of fake GoAir Jobs

IamCheated.com Research Team | June 17, 2019  5:49:pm

Beware of fake GoAir Jobs

Having a job is very important in life. When you have a job, you can do many things like meeting family needs, fulfilling your desires and so on. It also helps gain confidence, self-respect and it also makes you feel like a part of society.

As having a job is very important in life, a lot of people are striving hard to get that dream job in a reputed company. But, the sad part is fraudsters are making use of this situation to cheat innocent job seekers and make quick money.

Cybercriminals are making use of technology, to dupe job seekers. There have been many incidents where fraudsters have cheated innocent job seekers in the name of offering them a job in reputed companies. You might have recently heard of fake job offers in the name of Amazon. In a similar case to this, cybercriminals were trying to cheat people by using low-cost carrier GoAir's name. They have created a fake GoAir website and are offering fake jobs to job seekers in India.

To alert people on this fraud, GoAir took to its official Twitter account and wrote, Want to Go places? Then say NO to SCAMS! Be warned of miscreants misusing the brand name “#GoAir” on a FAKE website for job applications that demand money in exchange for jobs and interviews. For job updates, please visit http://GoAir.in or follow our social media platforms.

The fake website which looks similar to GoAir's official one, is offering jobs to citizens who are looking to work with the airline. A citizen gets attracted to the job offers mentioned on the fake website, and to avail the position pays money. Hence, GoAir has asked everyone to be aware of this fake website.

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What has happened?

Fraudsters have created a fake website which looks just like GoAir's official website. Using this website, fraudsters are offering jobs to people who wish to work with GoAir. Normally, people get attracted to such offers and lose their hard-earned money as they will be asked to pay a certain amount to get the offer letter. 

Here is the link of the website which is offering fake job offers in the name of GoAir


How to detect fake job websites and offers?

1. You can identify if the website is genuine by looking at "https:// prefix at the beginning of the URL. The website which does not have https:// prefix is not secure.

2. No reputed company asks you to make a payment for job offers. In case you are asked to make a payment, then you must stay away as this could be a fake.

3. You must never disclose your personal information like banking details to anyone. The job could be a fake if you are asked to provide sensitive information.

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