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Beware of Fake Lottery Scam

IamCheated.com Research Team | July 01, 2019  8:36:pm

Beware of Fake Lottery Scam

Tell me who does not want to win a lottery? It is something everyone wishes would happen. Unfortunately, fraudsters are making use of this to steal money from innocent people. Fraudsters use names of different companies and send emails, letters and SMS's to people in the name of a lottery, to trick them out of hard earned money.

They sometimes even make phone calls to victims, posing as employees of reputed companies. Lottery scams are increasing each day and it is one among the top 3 online frauds. So, you have to be very careful when someone approaches you, saying you have won a lottery. In this blog, we will discuss a real-life incident of a lady who lost Rs 3.55 Lakhs to lottery scam.

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How a woman lost Rs 3.55 Lakh to lottery fraud?

A few months back, a nurse from Manipal, received a scratch card which was supposedly from Naaptol. Thinking this to be from Naaptol, she scratched it and found she has won a lottery of Rs 12 Lakhs. To collect the lottery, she was asked to contact the mobile number shown on the scratch card.

When she called up the number provided on the scratch card, a person called Ashwin Kumar picked up the call and introduced himself as a representative of Naaptol. She was told that to receive the lottery money, she had to send Rs 3,55,800 to different bank accounts. When she asked the reasons for sending this amount, fraudsters convinced her saying, it includes a service charge, GST and other taxes.

After the victim transferred Rs 3,55,800 to different bank account numbers, she was contacted by a person called Ajay Kumar. He asked her to send money to different bank accounts to receive the lottery amount.  She got to know she was fooled by fraudsters, in the name of the lottery.

How did fraudsters get to know her address to send the scratch card?

The victim was a regular customer of Naaptol and she used to buy various products through this portal. Fraudsters managed to capture her transaction information while making purchases and used her residential address to send the scratch card.

After getting to know she had fallen prey to online fraud, she registered a police complaint and a case was registered under Sections of IT Act and IPC. According to the police, the current location of the fraudster shows Bihar and the bank account to which she deposited money was in West Bengal.

How to avoid lottery scams?

1. To save yourself from online fraud, you must not respond to calls, emails, SMS, and letters you receive in the name of a lottery.

2. Never pay anyone advance fees to receive the lottery amount. Nobody will ask you to pay money to receive the lottery amount.

3. Never provide your personal details to anyone over the phone or email.

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