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Beware of Fake Online Shopping Portals

IamCheated.com Research Team | July 08, 2019  6:47:pm

Beware of Fake Online Shopping Portals

Online shopping has shown rapid growth in the last few years. The number of people who shop online is rising each day. The main reasons why people love online shopping are the convenience factor and a huge number of offers and discounts.

You can save a lot of money by shopping online as compared to offline shopping. As the scope for online shopping rises, online shopping portals which sell products online also increase. There are many online shopping portals in India.             

But, the sad part is, not all the online shopping portals are genuine. There are many fake online shopping portals which are set up with the intention of cheating online shoppers of hard earned money. Recently, the Delhi police arrested 2 men for duping more than 500 people of Rs 80 Lakh through fake online shopping portals in the name of offering attractive prizes. There are many such online shopping portals in India and a lot of people have lost money to them. In this blog, we will discuss how fraudsters cheated 500 people using fake online shopping portal.

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Here is what exactly happened?

Fraudsters had set up a fake online shopping portal called www.kart4all.com. The website was created in such a way that users believed it to be real. The website looked professional and genuine. The fraudsters operated this website from the in-house call center.  They cheated people in the name of free gifts as a promotional offer for the website. 

This fraud came to light after one of the victims' complained to the police on the fraud. The complainant received a call from a person who claimed to be calling from the online shopping portal; www.kart4all.com. The caller informed the victim that he had won a gift which could be a Dell laptop, Sony LED TV or iPhone 7. To receive the gift, he was asked to buy any product which was worth more than Rs 550 from the portal.

To receive the gift, the victim bought products worth Rs 650 from the portal and selected the Dell laptop as a gift. The very next day, the victim received a call from the same person and was asked to deposit Rs 12,600 as GST on the free gift. After depositing Rs 12,600 he was again asked to deposit Rs 27,000 as insurance for shipping the product. Thinking this to be true, the victim deposited Rs 27,000 to the fraudster’s bank account.

A few days later, he again received a call from the accused and was told that the laptop could not be shipped as there was some technical issues. He was also told that the company wanted to refund the money, but was asked to deposit Rs 5,000 more. In order to save the amount he had already paid, he deposited Rs 5,000 to the fraudster’s bank account.

How to save yourself from fake online shopping portals?

1. Never fall for the offers which are too good to be true. In case the portal is giving attractive offers, you must be very careful.

2. Do proper research on the company before making a purchase. Go through the reviews of the company. In case the company has got bad reviews, avoid making the purchase.
3. Never pay money to anyone to claim a gift.

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