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Beware of fake SBI customer care number

IamCheated.com Research Team | December 04, 2019  5:44:pm

Whenever you have any issues with your bank account, the first thing you must do is contact the customer support team of the bank. The customer support teams are set up with the intention of looking into customer issues and resolving them.

The customer support team can be contacted either by sending an email to the official email Id or by calling their official helpline number. A lot of people prefer calling the helpline number; rather than sending out an email. But, the sad part of calling the customer care number of any banks or companies is many people end up calling fake customer care numbers and lose their hard-earned money.

Yes, fraudsters have come up with fake customer care numbers of big banks and companies with the intention of cheating innocent people.

When people search for customer care numbers on Google search, these fake numbers pop up. When they dial the number, fraudsters pick up the call and claim they are the customer support executives and ask them to provide their personal banking information.  This information is used to carry out fraudulent transactions.

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Beware of fake SBI customer care number

Recently, India’s largest public sector bank, State Bank of India had warned its customers regarding the fake customer care number in the name of SBI. A few weeks back it had informed customers on this racket through a tweet from its official Twitter handle.

The SBI tweet said, "Don't get misled by fake customer care numbers & avoid falling prey to fraudsters. Ensure that you always procure contact and branch information from the official #SBI website - https://bank.sbi,"

This tweet says that you should procure the contact and branch information only through the official website of SBI rather than simply searching for it on a search engine.

How to avoid fake customer care fraud?

To avoid fake customer care fraud you must never rely on the customer care number which comes up on Google. Instead, you should visit the official website of the company or bank and collect the customer care number.

One other thing you must keep in mind is that no banks will ask you to provide personal information like debit card number, credit card number, customer ID, OTP, PAN card number and ATM PIN. In case you are asked to share this information, kindly disconnect the call. Your details are already available with the bank and they will never ask you to provide any information over the phone.

When you share your sensitive banking information with fraudsters, banks will not be responsible for the fraudulent transactions which take place.

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