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Beware of People You Meet on Matrimonial Sites

IamCheated.com Research Team | July 10, 2019  6:40:pm

Beware of People You Meet on Matrimonial Sites

In this busy world, many people prefer matrimonial sites to find a life partner. Matrimonial sites are very popular in India and have become an alternative to the traditional marriage broker. In order to list your profile on a matrimonial site, you must register on the website and upload your profile. Once you register your profile, you can find a match based on your preferences. A lot of people find matrimonial sites really useful and many have even found the right match through matrimonial sites.

While matrimonial sites are gaining popularity each day, frauds on matrimonial sites too are on the rise. Many people impersonate others on matrimonial sites with the intention of cheating. There have been many cases in the recent past where innocent people are cheated on matrimonial sites. So, it is very important to be aware of the people you meet on matrimonial sites. In this blog, we will discuss a real-life incident where the lady was cheated of Rs 14 Lakhs in the name of a marriage proposal through the matrimonial website.

What exactly happened?

A lady from Delhi had registered herself on a matrimonial site to find a suitable match.  After registering on the website, she received a request from a person named Dr. Neil Seed Kumar. While having a conversation, the accused provided his Whatsapp number and email ID to the victim. They then started a conversation via Whatsapp and voice call.

A few days later, the accused told the victim that he was sending her a gift parcel which had gold jewelry and a lot of cash in it. Before the parcel reached her, the accused called the victim and said that the parcel was stuck at the customs office. He also requested her to get the parcel released from the customs office by paying Rs 14 Lakhs.  The accused had fooled the lady to such an extent that she didn't have any suspicions. Believing this to be true, she paid Rs 14 Lakhs to four different Indian bank accounts.

After the money was deposited, there was no trace of the person. So, she registered a police complaint on the fraud. Now, the police have busted a gang of three people including one Nigerian national. The gang was involved in the racket of cheating women on matrimonial sites in the name of a marriage proposal.

How to avoid this kind of fraud?

1. Before getting close to a person you meet on a matrimonial site, make sure to check his/her background. 

2. Many people use these matrimonial sites to cheat innocent people and make quick money, so you must never lend money to a person you meet on matrimonial sites. Fraudsters try to trap you by saying they are in a difficult situation or ask you to deposit money to clear gifts from the customs office. But, you must never fall for such tricks.

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