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Beware of prize money fraud

IamCheated.com Research Team | January 04, 2020  4:00:pm

Beware of prize money fraud

A lot of people receive messages, calls, and emails stating they have won lakhs of rupees in the lottery and the amount will be credited to their bank accounts. Do you think all these messages and calls are genuine? No, not at all. Most of these calls and messages are fake and fraudsters do this with the intention of cheating innocent people of their hard-earned money.

Many people know that this is fraud and ignore such communications. But, there are some innocent people who believe this to be true and lose their hard-earned money. There are so many incidents where people have lost their money to prize money fraud. Recently a woman from Hyderabad lost Rs 2,30,000 to prize money fraud.

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Here is what exactly happened?

A lady from Hyderabad had placed an order for a Rs 250 potato cutter on Snapdeal. After placing the order, she received a message stating she has won Rs 6,90,000 and also a car. In order to receive the prize money and the car, she was asked to pay a certain amount as various charges. The lady was getting messages from fraudsters until she paid the amount.

Believing this deal to be true; the victim paid Rs 2,30,000 in the name of various charges like GST, Registration fees, RTO charges and much more.  The amount was deposited to the bank account provided by the fraudsters. After the amount was credited to the fraudsters' bank account; she stopped receiving SMSes from them.

As she did not receive any response; she realized that she was cheated and filed a complaint at the Cyber Crime Station. Police registered the complaint and arrested the gang of four. The other two members of the gang are absconding.  While arresting them police seized 12 mobile phones, 19 SIM cards, two laptops, one scanner cum printer, two pan cards, four fake Aadhaar cards, four debit cards, one Scorpio car, and five fake identity cards in the name of Snapdeal company.

This is not the only case; there are many cases where people have lost their money to price money fraud.

Tips to avoid prize money fraud

1. To avoid price money fraud you must never respond to unsolicited offers received through emails, messages, phone calls, and any other modes.

2. Do not pay advance fees to anyone who contacts you in the name of a lottery.

3. Never provide your personal baking information to anyone.

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