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Beware of Strangers you meet on Facebook

IamCheated.com Research Team | June 28, 2019  6:42:pm

Beware of Strangers you meet on Facebook

Facebook is a social media site which has got a lot of users across the World. Facebook is loved by many citizens, as it helps stay in touch with friends and family. With the help of Facebook, you can meet new people across the World. While meeting new people is a good thing, it does have its share of risks. Not everyone you meet online has good intentions and sometimes people don't reveal their true identity. Many people create fake accounts on Facebook with the intention of cheating innocent people and making quick money.

Recently, there was an incident where a person from Visakhapatnam was cheated of Rs 4 Lakh from a man who pretended to be a girl. So, you have to be very careful when you meet a new person on Facebook.

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How a man lost Rs 4 Lakh on Facebook?

A man from Visakhapatnam had met a person on Facebook who pretended to be a young girl. They both were in touch for two long years. As time passed, the victim fell in love with the accused, who was actually a man.  After some days the accused asked the victim for Rs 4 Lakh saying her family was struggling financially. Believing this to be true, the victim transferred Rs 4 Lakh to the accused. After the victim gave the money, conversations stopped.

After some days, the accused called the victim and said she had just got married and moved to the United States with her husband. After some months she again called him and said her husband was torturing her. She also said that she wanted to come back to India and get married to the victim.

Trusting her, the victim deposited money to her bank account for the flight tickets. Some days after receiving the money she again stopped speaking to him. Finally, he got to know that he has been cheated by a man who posed as a girl. Now, the police have arrested the accused.

Not just this case, there are many such cases where people are cheated through fake Facebook accounts. In a similar incident, a person from Hyderabad cheated many people by hacking social media accounts. The accused used to hack social media accounts, contact their friends and ask them for money.

How to avoid this kind of fraud?

1. Don't get too close to strangers on Facebook and accept friend requests of only people you know.

2. Do not provide all your information to the people you meet on social media.

3. Never offer money to strangers you meet on Facebook.

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