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Beware of Tempting Offers In The Monsoon Sale

IamCheated.com Research Team | June 26, 2018  1:59:pm

The monsoon sale has already started. Retailers employ many techniques to make shoppers spend more than they intend to. Each and every method used by retailers has a specific purpose. So, you have to be very smart while shopping and do not fall for the tricks used by the retailers.

1. Price anchoring

Many people still consider the price tag as an original price and use it as a reference to understand the value of a product. But, stores usually raise the prices of products during the offer. For instance, if the original price of the product is Rs 1000, stores increase it to Rs 2000 and provide 50% discount on it. Customers feel they are getting a great deal and purchase the product.

2. Look for alternatives

When you buy a product during an offer, its better to do some research on the product. Most often during the offer period, old and outdated models will be offered for a lesser price. Instead of buying the outdated product, you can buy the product with the latest features which fit your budget. 

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3. Impulsive buying

An impulse purchase is an unplanned decision to buy a product or service. To tempt you to buy a product, stores put up posters such as buy one get one free, buy one and get another at 40% off and so on. Stores will be designed in such a way that you will be tempted to make a purchase, even though you don't need these items.

The most profitable area in the store is the checkout counter. Checkout counters are loaded with many items like chocolates, chewing gum and even magazines. Even if you don't need these items, you end up purchasing them, after a long shopping session.

4. Placing high priced products next to the overpriced cheap product.

Most of the time, stores place a highly priced product, next to the overpriced cheap product. This is usually done to the product which vendors want to push. For instance: If there are two jeans and one costs Rs 999 and the other Rs 1,999, and both the products are on discount and you like them both, Which one will you buy? There are high chances you will buy the jeans which cost Rs 999. This is because the product placed next to costly product will appear to be cheaper.

5. Offering double discount

One of the best tricks used by retailers to attract customers is double discounting. Shoppers usually get attracted to the product which has a double discount. For instance, if a product has the discount of 20% and an additional 25%, there are more chances of you opting for that product, vis-à-vis a product which has got the equivalent 40% reduction.

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