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Beware Of The AnyDesk App

IamCheated.com Research Team | February 19, 2019  4:31:pm

The World is full of frauds, and fraudsters come up with new tricks each day to make quick money. Starting from card skimming to phishing attacks, we have spoken on frauds that are happening around the World.

The Reserve Bank of India has warned citizens about the new app called AnyDesk, which is used to steal financial information and wipe out money from customers bank accounts.

So, you have to be very careful, if you receive a pop-up from the app store, play store, social media or any other channel to download an app called AnyDesk’. Downloading this app leads to compromise of financial data and you can lose hard earned money.

The alert sent by the Reserve Bank of India has warned people on the new trick used by fraudsters, to carry out fraud in the digital payment ecosystems and it also said that fraudulent transactions using Unified Payment Interface (UPI) are on the rise.

How AnyDesk App Robs your Money?

Under this fraud, fraudsters entice victims to download the AnyDesk app, through the app store or Play Store.

Once the app is downloaded on the victim's phone, a nine-digit app code is generated on the device and fraudsters ask you to share this code.

Once the code is shared, fraudsters insert the code in his (fraudsters) mobile and then the victim would be asked to grant certain permissions, similar to other apps.

After the permission is granted, the fraudster gains access to victims phone. Hence, whenever an OTP is sent to the victim's phone, the fraudster steals it.  If the OTP is compromised, wiping out the money from the bank account is not too difficult. 

This trick can be used to make transactions through any mobile banking and payment apps like UPI and e-wallets. Apart from this, fraudsters can also place online shopping orders or book rail or air tickets.

The RBI has also said that there are many apps like "Any Desk" which gives remote access of the device to other users.

What NPCI has Said About this Fraud?

Head of Risk Management of NPCI, Bharat Panchal, said, “While NPCI is continuously working towards enhancing the security of its products and services from such attacks, this type of frauds can be better prevented by consumer education. The entire ecosystem including Banks and Fintech companies, have to work collectively towards creating awareness and educating customers to refrain from sharing their account/card credentials, OTP/PIN and/or giving access to their mobile handsets to unscrupulous persons through such remote screen access apps."

How to Avoid Such Frauds?

To avoid such frauds, you must never download the "Any Desk" app on your phone. In case you receive any pop-ups from the app store, social media or any other channel, be on your guard.

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If you have downloaded the app, kindly uninstall it as soon as possible. Have a security check done on your mobile phone.

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