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Beware! The pizza you buy online can cost you more than Rs 50,000

IamCheated.com Research Team | October 10, 2019  11:59:pm

Beware! The pizza you buy online can cost you more than Rs 50,000

Online frauds are spreading like wildfire. With the increase in the number of people transacting online, online frauds are on the rise. People do not get cheated just while carrying out banking transactions. They are cheated even while booking cabs, cancelling movie tickets and so on.

Recently, a person from Ahmedabad was cheated of Rs 61,000 while ordering 2 pizzas online. So, it is really very important to be extremely careful while carrying out any transactions online. A single mistake can cost thousands of rupees. Fraudsters have become very intelligent and have come up with new tricks each day to cheat innocent people of hard-earned money.

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Here is how a man lost Rs 61,000 while ordering pizza online

A 27-year-old man who runs a restaurant in Ahmedabad ordered 2 Pizza’s through a food delivery app using his wife's mobile phone. After the pizza was delivered, he found that it was not edible, so he wanted to call the helpline number of that company to get fresh Pizzas delivered.

As he was not aware of the customer care number, he searched for it on Google and dialed the number which appeared on the search. But nobody answered his call.

After some time the victim received a call from the same mobile number to which he had called and the caller introduced himself as a customer care executive of the food delivery app and enquired on the issue. When the victim asked for fresh pizzas, the caller said that there was no such policy and he could get a refund. The victim agreed to this.

The caller sent a link to the victim in which he was asked to enter his name, mobile phone number and Google ID. After entering all these details, he was told to send a particular message to another number thrice. After sending the message, Rs 5,000 was debited from his bank account.

The victim told the fraudster that Rs 5,000 had been debited from his bank account, but he replied saying this could not happen. After some days the victim's wife received a call from the same number and she connected the victim on a conference call.  Again the fraudster convinced the couple to send a particular message to another number. As soon as the message was sent, Rs 55,885 was debited from his account in six transactions. When the victim informed the caller regarding the money deducted from his account, he disconnected the call. Later, when he tried calling back, the number was unreachable.

How to avoid this kind of fraud?

1. To avoid this kind of fraud, first of all, you must never search for the customer care number of any company on Google. This is because fraudsters post their number as a customer care number on Google. If you want to call the customer care number, you must find the number by visiting the official website of the company.

2. Do not click on any suspicious link sent to you.

3. Never share your personal banking information with anyone.

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