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Beware while cancelling railway tickets

IamCheated.com Research Team | March 03, 2020  6:10:pm

Beware while cancelling railway tickets

Trains are the common man's transport and a lot of people prefer travelling by train. Normally, railway tickets are booked in advance by making the payment. Sometimes, due to a last-minute change in the plan, you won't be able to travel on the scheduled date. In such cases, you would be allowed to cancel the tickets and get a refund. IRCTC provides the facility of train ticket cancellation to its customers. Under this facility, customers are allowed to cancel the train ticket anytime before the train chart is prepared.

While canceling your train tickets; you have the cancellation charges depending on the compartment class. Once the ticket cancellation is done, the amount would be refunded. The sad part is fraudsters are targeting people who are looking to cancel their train tickets with the intention of stealing money from their bank accounts.

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Fraudsters are asking passengers to share their bank details to get a refund for the ticket cancellation. With an increase in the number of such cases, IRCTC has warned passengers not to share their personal banking details. In an email sent to its customers, IRCTC has warned them stating "IRCTC never asks your personal bank details for any reason. Sharing personal details may lead to frauds"

IRCTC has informed its customers not to share any sensitive information relating to their Account Number, ATM card, PIN, TPIN, CVV and UPI details over phone, SMS or e-mail. This information must never be shared no matter how convincing such calls, mails may be. If you share this information with the fraudsters, they will use this to fraudulently withdraw money from your accounts.

As a lot of people are falling prey to this fraud, IRCTC has explained how the ticket cancellation process works. It has said that the ticket cancellation process is fully automatic and does not need human intervention. Once the ticket is canceled, the amount is credited to passengers' source account/wallet which is used for booking the tickets. The amount is normally credited within a week. While cancelling the tickets, passengers will not be asked to share any confidential details.

IRCTC has asked the users not to share their booking and cancellation details on social media sites to avoid misuse of this information by fraudsters.

It has even asked passengers not to search on Google for any queries related to IRCTC because it might have many fake mobile apps and solutions which aim to steal personal banking details. It is advisable for users to refer to the IRCTC website for queries related to ticketing and refunds.

You must keep in mind that IRCTC will never make calls regarding the cancellation or refunds. If you receive such calls kindly avoid them and never share your personal details.

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