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Beware While Selling Product On Online Marketplace

IamCheated.com Research Team | June 24, 2019  6:07:pm

Beware While Selling Product On Online Marketplace

With the advent of technology, buying and selling of products has become really easy. There are many online marketplaces like OLX and Quikr, which helps you buy and sell products online. Through these platforms, you can buy and sell goods like furniture, electronics, bikes, cars and much more.

Buying and selling on these platforms is really simple. The seller has to submit ads on the website and the buyer who is interested has to contact the seller, to make the purchase. While these platforms are helping lakhs of people, many fraudsters are misusing them to make quick money. Fraudsters cheat both buyers and sellers on these platforms through various tricks.

Each month the cyber crime cell receives a lot of complaints regarding people getting cheated through these platforms. Recently a person from Gurugram lost Rs 16,510 while selling a cooler on an online marketplace.

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Here is what exactly happened?

A Gurugram resident who wanted to sell his cooler had posted an advertisement on an online marketing platform and he even shared contact details along with the advertisement. After a few days of posting the advertisement, he received a call from a person named Punit Arora. The caller said he had seen the cooler advertisement and was interested in it. He asked the seller to give more information on the cooler. After providing all the necessary information, the caller said that he wants to buy the cooler and asked the seller to finalize the deal.   

After finalizing the deal, the buyer asked the seller, which payment mode he preferred. As the seller was using Paytm, he asked for money transfer through Paytm. The seller was fine with this and collected all the details.

After providing all the details, the seller received a few requests from the buyer through SMS. The seller accepted those requests. As soon as the requests were accepted, Rs 4,000 was debited from his bank account which was linked to Paytm. He immediately called the buyer, and informed him on the debit. The buyer apologized for the same and said he would return the money via Google Pay. He immediately transferred Rs 51 through Google Pay and promised that he would transfer the remaining amount.

After some time, the seller got to know that Rs 16,510 was debited from the Paytm linked to his bank account in four transactions. He tried calling the buyer, but his phone was switched off.

There are many such cases where people have lost hard earned money. So, you have to be very careful when buying or selling anything on an online marketplace. Do not trust anyone blindly before making or receiving the payments. Never click on any links or accept any requests which are sent to you through SMS or email.

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