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Beware! You might lose your money to Courier scam

IamCheated.com Research Team | January 23, 2020  5:58:pm

Beware! You might lose your money to Courier scam

The World is full of frauds and fraudsters. Fraudsters try to cheat people and make money at almost all places. Cheating people online is really rampant these days.  A lot of people get cheated while carrying out various online transactions.

Online frauds are rising each day as the number of people using the internet is on the rise. Fraudsters have become intelligent and have come up with new tricks each day to cheat people. They employ various tricks like sending an email stating that the receiver of the mail has won a lottery, calling people claiming to be employees of the bank and so on.

Unfortunately, a lot of people have fallen prey to the various tricks played by the fraudsters and lost in Lakhs. The main reason why many people have lost money to online frauds is ignorance. Many people still do not know how to stay safe online. They blindly follow instructions offered by strangers over calls and lose money. 

In this blog, we will discuss how a woman from Bengaluru lost Rs 63,900 while trying to send a courier. 

This is what happened

A 35-year-old woman from Bengaluru who works in an IT company lost Rs 63,900 to a trick played by the fraudsters. All she did was clicked on the link sent by the fraudsters. It all started with her searching for a contact number of a courier service.

The woman wanted to send a courier to her husband who lived in Canada. She searched for a contact number of a courier service on Google. This is when she found a customer care claiming to be from FedEx couriers. She believed this to be the original number of FedEx and called up. The person who picked up the call introduced himself as an employee of FedEx and assured the victim that he would help her send the courier.

Fraudsters then asked the victim to follow a list of instructions.  She followed all the instructions and clicked on the link sent to her mobile number. As soon as she clicked on the link, she was redirected to the Google Pay app. immediately; Rs 63,900 was deducted from her bank account in 6 transactions.

How to avoid this kind of fraud?

1. Never share your personal information like card number, CVV, OTP, UPI PIN and other sensitive information with anyone over the call.  No banks or reputed companies call, asking for personal information.

2. Do not search for the customer care number of any company or bank on Google. Instead, visit the official website of the company to collect the customer care numbers.

3. Never click on the unknown links sent to you through SMS or email.

4. Never enter your UPI PIN to receive money. The UPI PIN is used only to send money. 

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