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Beware! You might lose your money while adopting pets online

IamCheated.com Research Team | January 21, 2020  12:13:pm

Beware! You might lose your money while adopting pets online

The advent of technology has changed the way we do things. Now, with the help of the internet, you can do a lot of things online. Starting from buying clothes to paying bills; everything can be done online. Apart from all this, you can even adopt pets of your choice online.

While online transactions are preferred by several people, online frauds too are on the rise.  A lot of people have lost their money to cyber crooks while carrying out various online transactions. In this blog, we will discuss how a techie from Bengaluru lost Rs 40,000 while he was looking to adopt a dog online.

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This is what exactly happened

A 53-year-old techie from Bengaluru who is also an animal lover was looking to adopt a dog. That's when he came across an organization in Yelahanka which rescued and rehabilitated dogs. While he was reading about this organization to know more about it, he came across the phone number. He thought he would call up that number and collect more information. When he dialed that number, a person picked up the call and introduced himself as a member of that organization and promised to provide all the required help to adopt a dog. The person on the call spoke in English but claimed that he was from Karnataka.

The techie was asked to pay Rs 10 through Paytm as processing fees. He was asked to pay this fee to meet the owner to discuss the adoption process. The person on the call sent a link to the techie's mobile number and asked him to click on it. The purpose was to send it to two mobile numbers mentioned in the link. The techie followed the caller's guidance and sent the link to the numbers mentioned after feeding his UPI details. As soon as he forwarded the link, Rs 10 was deducted from his bank account.

After 5 minutes, the victim received a message from his bank stating Rs 40,000 was deducted from his bank account. He was shocked to know Rs 40,000 was deducted from his bank account and called that number immediately, but, nobody received the call.

After this the victim filed a complaint with the police and an FIR was registered under the Section 420 (Punishment for cheating) and Information Technology.

How to avoid this kind of fraud?

1. Fraudsters have set up many fake websites with the intention of cheating innocent people online. So, before transacting on any website make sure it’s genuine.

2. Never call up any helpline number which comes up on Google. Instead, visit the official website and collect the helpline number.

3. Never click on unsolicited links sent to you through SMS or emails.  Do not forward the link to any other numbers. 

4. Do not share your personal information with anyone over call or messages.

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