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Beware! Your income tax notice could be fake

IamCheated.com Research Team | August 27, 2019  6:12:pm

Beware! Your income tax notice could be fake

This is the time you usually get an income tax notice from the IT department. Tax notice is normally sent when you have not reported all income, claimed excessive losses, have made errors in calculation or for not filing ITR in time.

You get a routine tax notice after filing income tax returns which state your ITR has been processed successfully. The tax notice is sent even if the PAN details are incorrect. You don't have to worry about the income tax notice if you have no hidden income and filed ITR in time.

But, the concern is fraudsters are taking advantage of the situation and sending fake tax notices, with the intention of making quick money. To trick people, fraudsters send emails and SMS claiming to be from the income tax department. There are many instances where taxpayers have lost money to this kind of fraud.

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As this fraud is rising each day, the income tax department has come up with certain steps to protect taxpayers. Taxpayers are now allowed to check if the notices issued to them are genuine. They can verify the income tax notice through the Income Tax Department e-filing website. You can search for notices by using PAN, assessment year, Document Number, Notice Section, month, year of issue and so on.

According to the notification issued by the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT), all the notices sent by the Income Tax Department would carry a computer-generated document identification number (DIN).

How to check if your income tax notice is genuine?

1. To check the income tax notice, you must go to the Income Tax e-filing portal - incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in 

2. After you visit the website, choose the option "Notice/order issued by ITD" under the 'Authenticate' tab below quick links

3. You can authenticate the notice by providing the details like document number, PAN, assessment year, month and year of issue.

4. After proving the details, you must enter the captcha code and click on submit.

5. If the notice which you have received is genuine, details will appear on the website.

The income tax department has come up with this option to protect taxpayers from frauds which are carried out in the name of income tax notices. By using this facility, taxpayers can easily identify fake income tax notices. All the notices sent to taxpayers are uploaded on the tax e-filing website by the Income Tax Department. So, it’s easy to identify the fraudulent notices.

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