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Buying cement online? Beware of fake websites

IamCheated.com Research Team | May 08, 2019  7:08:pm

Buying cement online? Beware of fake websites

The internet has completely changed the way we shop. People used to shop for everything at retail stores, visiting the shop in-person. But, with the advent of online shopping, people prefer to shop for almost everything online.

The main reason why many people are switching to online shopping is that it offers ease and convenience, a huge variety of products, and a chance to compare products and prices easily across different portals. Online shopping also helps save a lot of money.

Online shopping is not restricted to just buying clothes and footwear. You can also buy things as diverse as cement and even an apartment. While online shopping has so many advantages, it has its downsides too. One of the main disadvantages of online shopping is frauds. Many fraudulent online shopping portals have been set up by fraudsters, to cheat innocent people who shop online. In this blog, we shall discuss how fraudsters cheated cement buyers by setting up fake websites.

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Here is how fraudsters cheated cement buyers using fake websites

Fraudsters had set up a fake website in the name of Ambuja Cement to cheat buyers who purchased cement online. Ambuja Cement is India's major cement producing company which manufactures and markets cement and clinker, for both domestic and export markets.

Using the fake website created in the name of Ambuja Cement, fraudsters used to take orders for cement and get the amount deposited to a Benami bank account. Fraudsters promised customers that the cement would be delivered to them after the payment. However, the cement was never delivered to any of the buyers who made the payment.

This fraud was exposed after victims started calling up the official customer care of Ambuja Cement. The customer care received many complaints from customers, saying that the cement was not delivered to them, even after the money was paid.

Following the complaint, the company made an investigation and found that fraudsters had created a fake website called ambujacement.ind.in. Till date fraudsters have collected nearly Rs 1.8 Lakhs from customers in the name of delivering cement bags. Fraudsters have not only been accused of cheating customers, there is also an infringement of the company’s copyright, as they have registered a domain in its name and created an invoice similar to companies board.

As frauds using fraudulent websites are increasing each day, you have to be very careful when you purchase anything from online shopping portals. Before you move on with the purchase, you must check if the website is genuine or a fake.

Here are some tips to identify a fake website

1. You can identify if the website is fake by looking at the URL. The URL of the website must have 'https' and the lock sign.

2. Look for bad spelling on the website. If the content on the website has got many spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, then the website is a fake.

3. Look for the contact details of the company on the website. Most of the fake website do not mention contact details.

4.  You can identify if the website is a fake, by looking at its design. Usually, fake websites have unprofessional designs and logos on the website.

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