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Buying Gold Online? Here Are The Things You Need To Consider

IamCheated.com Research Team | March 27, 2019  6:15:pm

You can buy almost anything online these days including clothes, mobile phones, furniture, and gold. Yes, you can even buy gold on various online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart and Paytm. But, you must be careful while buying gold online. There are certain things to consider while buying gold. This helps you avoid getting cheated and make quality gold purchases.

Buying Gold Online? Here Are The Things You Need To Consider

1. Buy gold from a reputed seller

There are so many online shopping portals in India which sell gold.  If you are planning to buy gold on any online shopping portal, it is very important to check the authenticity. There are chances of getting cheated if you buy gold just by looking at the offer and nothing else. 

2. Consider the purity

While buying gold, get to know the purity. You can check the purity of gold through 'carats’. There are 4 types of gold like 24, 22, 18 and 14-carat gold. The 24-carat gold is considered as the purest form of gold. To make 18-carat gold, 18 parts of gold are mixed with 6 parts of Zinc or Silver. If you want pure gold, you must buy 24-carat gold.

3. Hallmark certification

You must also look at the hallmark certification while buying gold online. The Government of India has set up BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards), to certify gold jewelry and gold coins. The gold you buy online must have the BIS hallmark.

4. Go through the return policy

Before buying gold from an online shopping portal, it is very important to check the return and buyback policy. Almost all the online shopping portals which sell gold, offer both return and exchange.

The exchange policy of gold is quite strict when compared to other products. So, it is very important for you to go through the terms and conditions properly. You must understand the buyback policy; this is helpful in case you want to sell the product.

5. Collect the bill

Always collect the bill when you buy gold online. This bill is helpful if you want to return or exchange the product.  You get to know the purity and weight of the gold. To get the bill, you will be asked to share some details along with the PAN card details.

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 6. Make sure the packaging is perfect

Whenever you receive the gold which you have purchased online, make sure the packaging is perfect. Do not accept the package, if it is tampered or damaged in any form.

7. Repairs and resizes

The gold purchased may not remain the same. The polish might fade, or stones might come out. In such cases, it is always good to take it to the place where you have made the purchase.  Check portals repairs and resizes policy before purchasing.

8. Look for a try at home option

Many online shopping portals which sell gold online offer the try at home option and you are not charged for this. Make a note of this when purchasing gold online.

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