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Card Skimming:12 people lose Rs 10 Lakh in New Delhi

IamCheated.com Research Team | April 10, 2019  12:06:pm

Card Skimming:12 people lose Rs 10 Lakh in New Delhi

The number of people using debit and credit cards is on the rise and they are mostly used to withdraw cash from automated teller machines (ATMs) or to make payments in places like restaurants, pubs, malls and so on. While the usage of debit and credit card increases, frauds related to them are on the rise.

There are a lot of incidents where people have lost their money to card skimming or card cloning. Victims get to know that card information has been compromised, only after they receive a debit message from the bank.

Recently, 12 people with bank accounts at different banks had lost Rs 10 Lakhs by swiping their cards at ATMs in east Delhi near Laxmi Nagar.

Money from victim’s accounts was withdrawn from ATMs in Noida and East Delhi without their knowledge. A lot of transactions took place in just 12-15 minutes. They had almost no time to block their cards, by contacting the customer care of the bank.

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What is card skimming and how is it used to steal money from a bank account?

Card skimming is the most common method used by fraudsters to steal money from bank accounts. In this fraud, a small electronic device called a skimmer is inserted into electronic devices like POS (Point of Sale) and ATMs by fraudsters to steal card information. When your card is run through a skimmer, the device captures and stores important information from the magnetic strip of your debit or credit card.

The stolen data is copied to a blank card and used by fraudsters to withdraw money from your bank account or to make purchases using your card details.

How to avoid this fraud?

1. Always check the ATM before you swipe your card. Never insert your card in a machine whose insertion slot looks odd or suspicious.

2. Look for false fronts while inserting your card in a machine. False fronts are fake ATM covers used to steal your card details.

3. Check the keypad before you enter your PIN. Sometimes, a fake keypad is placed right on top of the ATM keypad. This keypad captures the PIN entered.

4. Be careful while entering the PIN and make sure nobody is standing behind you, while you withdraw cash. It is advisable to cover the keypad with your body and hands so that no one can look over your shoulders.

5. Do not take the help of strangers while withdrawing cash from ATMs. Never hand your card to anyone.

6. There are chances of hidden cameras fixed in ATMs to capture card details. So, look around the ATM before entering your card at the slot.

7. While swiping your card in places like fuel stations, restaurants, and shops, make sure it is swiped in your presence. Do not hand over your card to anyone and also never share your personal identification number (PIN).

8. In case you notice any unauthorized transactions, report to your bank immediately and get your card blocked.

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