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Cases of Matrimonial Fraud in India

IamCheated.com Research Team | December 29, 2018  3:43:pm

Cases Of Matrimonial Fraud in India

One of the most important steps in life is finding a life partner. Finding a life partner is not easy. It is very important to do a background check on the bride or groom. These days most people prefer matrimonial sites to find a perfect life partner. But, matrimonial sites are not completely safe. If you do not take certain precautions, there’s cause to regret. Since the last few years, there has been a rise in the number of people who are cheated through matrimonial sites. Here are some of the real-life incidents, where people are cheated through matrimonial sites.

Real Life Incident On Matrimonial Frauds

Case 1:

A year ago, a Hyderabad based woman was cheated of Rs 14 Lakh by a Delhi-based businessman, whom she has met on a Matrimonial site. She received a message from a person who introduced himself as a UK-born doctor of Indian origin. He expressed his intent on marrying her and they both started communicating with each other.

After some days, the accused told the victim that he was planning to visit India along with his sister and Nephew, and he requested her to pay for the visas. As the woman was not able to collect enough money, the accused told her he would send 1 Million UK pounds through an agent. After a few days, the agent called her and said that a container of foreign currency had arrived in India, but was stuck in customs.

To release the container, the woman was asked to pay a lot of money under the name of customs clearance tax at Delhi airport, handling charges, airfare from Delhi to Hyderabad, anti-drug/terrorism clearance, customs clearance yellow tag and money laundering clearance charges. The fraudsters even sent photographs of British currency bundles to make the victim believe him. She paid the money and fell a victim to online matrimonial fraud.

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Case 2:

In another shocking incident, a 44-year-old lady from Mumbai was cheated of Rs 1.2 Crore by a US resident, whom she met on a matrimonial website. The accused contacted the lady saying he was looking for an Indian bride as he found Indian women to be “good-natured”. He got close to the lady by telling her he would marry her soon.

Case 3:

A 44-year-old lady from Pune met a guy on a Marathi matrimonial website and got close to him. After a few days, he asked her to give him Rs 4 Lakhs to go abroad. Believing this to be true, she gave him the money. Not just that, he also raped the lady before he ran away with the money. Today, frauds in matrimonial websites are not just restricted to money. They have gone to the extent of rape.

Case 4

Police had arrested a gang of three African nationals along with an Indian woman, for cheating prospective brides through famous matrimonial sites. The gang had duped a Hyderabad-based woman of Rs 48.75 Lakhs after getting in touch with her through a matrimonial site.

There are many such gangs which cheat innocent people through matrimonial sites.

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Tips To Avoid Matrimonial Fraud

1. Check out how genuine the website is, before you register. Make sure the site has good reviews from registered members.

2. Check the background of the person whom you meet on the matrimonial site before getting in touch.

3. Do not lend money to any person you meet there.

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