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Cheating bank customers using Google Maps - Review by IndianMoney

IamCheated.com Research Team | November 22, 2018  6:48:pm

Cheating bank customers using google maps - Review by IndianMoney

Bank frauds in India are on the rise and fraudsters are coming up with innovative techniques to cheat innocent customers. As per studies, banks had reported frauds at an average of at least one per hour. The most common techniques used by fraudsters to steal money are vishing, phishing, card skimming, identity theft, and fraudulent loans.

It looks like fraudsters are tired of these common techniques, so they have come up with a new technique to dupe bank customers. Fraudsters are trying to make quick money by using loopholes in the Google Maps interface.  Under this fraud, scamsters do not actually hack the system or there is no vulnerability on the part of Google. They are instead, misusing services provided by Google, designed to help users.

As per Google's User Generated Content policy, anyone can edit contact information like address and phone number on the Google Maps page. According to Google, allowing users to suggest edits helps in providing comprehensive and up-to-date information. Unfortunately, fraudsters from Thane in Mumbai, are misusing Google's User Generated Content policy by editing the bank's phone number which is posted on Google Maps and replacing with their own phone numbers. IndianMoney reviews this and ask you to stay safe from cheating and fraud.

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People usually believe information shown on Google to be true. The same thing happened in this case, as people thought contact details of banks mentioned on Google Maps are true and called the fraudsters instead. The fraudsters who pose as bank employees ask callers to provide personal details to verify the call. Innocent people who are not aware of the fraud, provide personal details like card details, ATM PIN and CVV numbers. Fraudsters conduct fraudulent transactions or withdraw money using these details.

These numbers are even directed to fake IVRs. Fraudsters are not only using this trick to cheat bank customers, but also other people. Even an EPFO office in Mumbai had the wrong contact details on Google Maps.

As per the Maharashtra cyber police, this type of bank fraud began over a month ago and they have received at least three complaints from the Bank of India (BoI). All these complaints have been immediately notified to the authorities at Google.

After this incident, Bank of India has modified the contact details on branch listings on Google Maps. They have also asked customers to find bank contact details only on the official site. This issue has been recognized by Google and they have said that when this happens, they do their best to address the issue as soon as possible.

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Tips to avoid this fraud

1. The next time when you are looking for contact details of banks, insurance companies or any other institute, don’t rely on Google. Instead, go to the official website and find the contact details.

2. Never reveal sensitive information like card details, CVV and ATM PIN to anyone.

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