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Check List To Buy A Used Car

IamCheated.com Research Team | February 27, 2018  7:07:pm

Buying a used car is not as easy as buying a new car. Whenever you buy a new car, you will have the manufacturer warranty, trust and free services. But, used cars do not have all this. So you should be very careful while buying a second-hand car.

In this blog, we will discuss the buyer’s checklist while buying a used car.

1. Check the condition of the car

Whenever you buy a second-hand car, make sure that the car is in good working condition. You should get it checked by a very good mechanic, to ensure that all important systems such as engine, wheels, transmission and cooling are working fine. Getting the car checked before purchasing, will help you know whether the car is maintained properly by sellers or not.

You should check the vehicle again, before taking the final delivery. There are chances that the dealer might replace some of the components of the vehicle.

2. Check the registration documents

It is very important to check the registration documents of the used car, you are planning to buy.  Checking the registration documents will help you know, if the seller is the real owner of the car or not. The serial number in the RC book shows, the number of times the car has been sold. You should also ask the seller to provide other documents such as NOC from the car loan provider, original invoice and road tax receipt.

3. Check car insurance papers

According to the law, every owner of a vehicle must have third party liability insurance. So, before you buy a used car do check the existing insurance papers and enquire with the insurer on the previous claim history. This helps you identify if the car was involved in an accident. Frequent claims indicate frequent accidents, which lead to high maintenance costs.

It is compulsory to transfer the seller's car insurance policy to the buyers name, or buy a new insurance policy within 14 days of the date of purchase of the car. If the insurance policy is not transferred in your name, your insurance claim will be rejected in case of an accident

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