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Check out the new cybercrime SIM swipe

IamCheated.com Research Team | May 19, 2018  1:56:pm

Online frauds are increasing each day. Fraudsters use different techniques to steal your hard-earned money. The unique cybercrime that has come to light is the SIM Swipe.

Since November 2017, the cybercrime cell has received around nine complaints regarding this scam. Under this scam, fraudsters gain access to your bank account through your SIM card. Fraudsters gain access to transactions you conduct on your phone, by pretending to upgrade your SIM card. Your mobile number will remain the same, only your SIM will be changed.

Real life incidents

Case 1:

Recently a 60-year-old man named Sachin Gavate, had received a call from an unknown number with the caller claiming that he was a customer care representative of the mobile network provider. The caller told the victim that he would help him upgrade his network from 3G to 4G.

As the victim wanted to upgrade his network to 4G he agreed to continue with the process. After the victim agreed, he received a text message and he was asked to reply to that message by pressing the number 1.

After this call the victim's mobile number stopped working and sometime later he got to know that  Rs 1 Lakh had been withdrawn from his bank account.

Case 2:

A similar case had taken place in the month of March, where the victim had received a call from an unknown number. The caller had told the victim that he would help him link Aadhaar with the mobile number. When he replied to the message by pressing 1, his number stopped working. The victim immediately approached the bank and changed the registered number.

How does this work?

1. Scamsters first buy a new SIM using a fake ID proof.

2. They then procure the details of random account holders through the mobile number.

3. They call victims pretending to be customer care executives of the mobile network provider and say, they will help them in linking aadhaar with the mobile number. Victims will be asked to reply to the message by pressing number 1 to complete the process. Once they reply to the SMS, their SIM will stop working and the new SIM bought by scamsters will be activated.

4. While conducting fraudulent online transactions, OTP will be sent to the new SIM card and money will be withdrawn from the victim’s bank account. The victim will not get to know about this, until he checks his bank statement.

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