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Couldn't receive the item booked online? You can get it without rescheduling

IamCheated.com Research Team | January 04, 2020  9:30:am

Couldn't receive the item booked online? You can get it without rescheduling

Online shopping is getting famous each day as it is very convenient. With the help of online shopping, you can shop for whatever you want from the comfort of your home and get the product delivered to your doorstep. But, what happens if you are not there at home when the delivery executive comes to deliver the product? 

In such a situation, online shopping portals offer you the facility to reschedule the delivery. Such failed deliveries; costs online shopping portals; as the rescheduled deliveries involve cost and time. Failure to deliver within set time-frames affects online shopping; as customers are unwilling to place online orders due to the inconvenience faced.

If you are in confusion on whether to place online orders; believing you should be available at the time of the delivery, there is good news as there will be a new facility which is going to solve this problem.

If you are not able to collect the products at the time of delivery, you can make use of smart lockers located near you to get the item deposited there. You can then collect items whenever you are free by using the OTP/QR Code sent to you. You don't have to bear any charges for depositing the product.

Advantages of this smart locker facility

1. In e-commerce, the actual delivery of the product is a time-consuming aspect; the smart locker facility will make this easier.

2. This smart locker facility is very helpful for both businesses and customers; as there is no hassle of customers being physically available at the time of the delivery.

3. With the help of a smart locker facility, you can collect the package according to your convenience.

4. Smart lockers are very secure as they can be opened through an OTP or QR code. Only customers will have access to this.

5. With the help of smart locker technology; delivery partners can succeed in completing more deliveries in a day and reduce delays.

How does this smart locker work?

Smart lockers use technology like QR Code, RFID, Cloud computing and others. When the delivery executive delivers the product to the locker, customers will receive a notification stating the product has been delivered. These lockers will have a unique password or OTP; which only the customer has access to. In order to collect the package you need access to these codes.

Growth of these smart lockers

The adoption of smart lockers varies from country to country. While countries like Finland, Denmark, Germany, China are using the locker technologies with more enthusiasm; on the other hand countries like Sweden and the Netherlands are yet to see the same level of traction. India has recently started to explore this facility.  

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