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Cybercriminals cheat people by posing as police officers

IamCheated.com Research Team | February 05, 2020  2:34:pm

Cybercriminals cheat people by posing as police officers

Cybercrimes are rising each day. When compared to the past few years, cybercrimes in India have almost doubled. Cybercriminals are very smart and have come up with innovative techniques to cheat innocent people. In the recent past, many people across the country have fallen prey to cybercrime and lost lakhs of rupees.

Cybercriminals have come up with new techniques to cheat people. In the past, they used to call people, claiming to be from banks and collect personal information. Today, they call people claiming to be police officers and collect personal information. Recently, a person lost Rs 7.7 Lakh after a fraudster called, posing as a police officer. In a similar case, another person lost Rs 1.07 Lakh to fraud.

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How does this fraud take place?

Fraudsters call victims, claiming to be cybercrime sleuths. The caller frightens the victims, accusing them of various cybercrimes. They then pretend to be Vodafone executives and say they have received a complaint against these people for carrying out cyber frauds.

After scaring the victim, the caller says that his SIM card might have been cloned and used by someone else to commit fraud. The caller also says that he would help him declone the card and asks him to follow certain steps.

After the victim agrees to follow the steps to declone the SIM, fraudsters ask the victim to download a screen sharing application like TeamViewer or AnyDesk. Once the AnyDesk or TeamViewer app is downloaded on the victim's phone, he would be asked to grant certain permissions. After all the permissions are granted, the app would generate a 9-digit code. This code allows fraudsters gain access to the victim's mobile phone.  The fraudster will ask him to share this code.  After this code is shared with the fraudsters, they gain remote access to the mobile.

Once they gain access to the victim's phone they get all the details including the OTP. This information is used to carry out fraudulent transactions.

How to avoid this fraud?

1. To avoid this kind of fraud, you must never download an unknown application suggested by strangers on your phone.

2. Never share your personal banking information like card number, CVV, OTP, and other sensitive information with anyone over the phone.

3. Always keep in mind that no bank or any company calls, asking for your personal information nor do they ask you to download any apps and grant permission.

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