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Dating online? Beware, you might lose your money

IamCheated.com Research Team | January 08, 2020  2:31:pm

Dating online? Beware, you might lose your money

In India, the number of people using online dating apps and websites; is on the rise. When compared to the last few years; there is a drastic rise in the users of online dating apps and websites. These apps and websites serve as a medium which helps users find the right match.

As these websites are used by a lot of people; dating frauds are on the rise. Fraudsters target people who use these websites, to cheat them of their hard-earned money.

Recently a Powai-based chartered accountant (CA) was cheated of Rs 3.2 Lakhs by an online fraudster on the pretext of helping him find a life partner through an online shopping portal. So, it is really important to be careful while using online dating sites.

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Here is what exactly happened

A few months back a CA, who was divorced twice, was looking for a life partner. That is when he came across the dating site, locanto.com. He registered on that website by giving all the necessary information. After registering, he found many contact numbers and tried calling up those numbers. But he never got a response from them.

A few days later, he received a call from a woman who asked him on the kind of woman he would prefer to date. He stated that he preferred Bengali women. The caller asked him to provide his Aadhaar card number.

A few hours later, the lady called him up again and asked him to pay Rs 830 as registration fees. She even sent the photographs of four women out of which he chose one of them. After selecting the photograph, the caller asked him to pay Rs 18,700 for providing the contact details of the lady he chose.

He immediately transferred the amount and received the contact details of the woman he chose. They soon had a conversation and she asked him to meet for dinner. The lady refused to meet him and asked him to pay Rs 49,000 as an agreement fee. After paying the agreement fee the lady agreed to meet him and fixed a date. She again asked the victim to pay another Rs 64,000 and he paid up. A day before they planned to meet, the lady again asked him to pay Rs 40,000.

The victim paid Rs 2.31 Lakh just to meet the lady he chose, but he could never meet her as she was cancelling the plan for the meet. He complained regarding this with the lady who had sent him the photographs. He was then asked to contact a person, who asked him to pay Rs 70,000 to file a complaint. All put together he ended up paying Rs 3.2 Lakhs to fraudsters.

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