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Do The Research Before Buying A Property Online

IamCheated.com Research Team | June 21, 2018  7:12:pm

Many builders advertise their property online on various e-commerce websites, where you can buy a property with a single click. You can search for the property and check for size of the property, price and so on and lock-on to a suitable property. You can do this just by sitting at home and there is no need to step out. There will be a 3D model of the house/property and interactive features will help you get the feel of the house which you are planning to buy. You feel you are walking in the house for real.

If you like the property, you should make a token payment and show your interest in the property. You must do proper research before buying any property. You must check all the property documents before making the purchase. If you are planning to buy a property online, most of the research must be done online. If you are not comfortable making the purchase online, you can buy it offline.

Do your research before buying the property online

The first thing you have to do is check the reputation of the builder. You should also take other buyers opinions vis-a-vis the builder. This can be done by checking the builder's facebook and twitter account. You can also check court websites to see if there are any cases filed against the builder.

Do your research offline

Personally visit the project site

You should be very careful while buying a property as you will be investing a large amount of money. Never ever buy the property in a hurry. Make sure to visit the project site of the builder personally and see how the construction is going on. You can find a lot of difference while checking the builder’s project online and seeing it directly. There are fewer chances of you getting cheated if you visit the project site in-person.

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Check if the builder has the necessary license and approvals

Before you buy the property, make sure to check if your builder has got the necessary approvals for the construction of the building. You should check the necessary documents before signing on the dotted line. All the documents should be clear and marketable. It is also advisable to get the documents checked by a lawyer.

Project has to be pre-approved by banks for home loan

Usually, banks do the due-diligence on the property, before sanctioning the home loan. Reputed banks do not sanction home loans unless they are absolutely sure. So, you have to check whether the project has been pre-approved by banks before you go for a home loan. 

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