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Do you use your debit and credit card for online shopping? Beware of frauds

IamCheated.com Research Team | October 09, 2019  5:44:pm

Do you use your debit and credit card for online shopping? Beware of frauds

It’s the festive season and many e-commerce companies are offerings discounts and cashbacks to customers. This is the time when many people shop online and also online shopping portals acquire many new customers during this time.

During the festive season, online shopping portals partner with various banks to offer additional discounts and cashbacks to online shoppers. To avail these discounts and cashbacks, customers must shop using the debit and credit cards of the selected bank.

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A lot of people avail these discounts and cashbacks by making payments online using debit and credit cards of the banks for which offers are available.

Even when there are no discounts, people prefer card payments as they are very convenient and there is no need to keep cash handy when the product is delivered. But, it is very important to be careful while using your debit and credit cards to make payments online as card frauds are on the rise. 

Many online shoppers have fallen victim to card fraud and lost hard-earned money. In this blog, we will understand certain precautions you have to take to stay safe while using your card to make online transactions.

1. When you shop online, make sure the portal you buy from is genuine. This is because there are many fake online shopping portals which steal your card details. So, it is advisable to check the reviews of the portal before making a purchase.

2. Do not use public computers to make online payments using your card. You have to use your own mobile phone or computer if you want to make payments through cards online.

3. Do not connect to a public wi-fi while making card payments online.

4. Keep your banking information to yourself and never reveal it to anyone.

5. You must download apps only from trusted sources like Google Playstore and App Store. This is because fraudsters easily develop fake apps with the intention of stealing your personal information and emptying your bank account.

6. Make sure the password you set is strong and complex. It should be a combination of letters and numbers called alpha-numeric. Avoid keeping your name and birthday as your password.

7. To stay safe from card fraud, you must keep your PIN number safe. Do not reveal your PIN number to anyone and write it on the place where others can see.

8. Make sure to check your bank account statements and credit card statements regularly. In case you find any suspicious transactions, report them to the bank as soon as possible.

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