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Dream of Working Abroad? Beware of this scam

IamCheated.com Research Team | August 07, 2019  4:56:pm

Dream of Working Abroad? Beware of this scam

Many people have this dream of working in foreign countries. This is mainly because employees working in foreign countries earn a good salary and enjoy better facilities. But, the sad reality is, fraudsters are taking advantage of this eagerness to cheat people and make quick money. The main reason why people fall prey to these frauds is not doing home work on the company and the job. In the excitement of getting a job abroad, people fail to do basic research and lose their money to fraudsters.

In this blog, we will discuss real-life stories of people who lost their money to a fake recruitment agency which promised good jobs in foreign countries.

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A diploma holder from Kuniyamuthur (Tamil Nadu), got to know about a recruitment agency called Kaydins Job Solutions which is based in Ganapathy. The agency promised a job in the CCTV and access control area in Singapore. He was asked to pay Rs 50,000 as a registration fee.

He was then asked to pay Rs 1 Lakh within 15 days. He was informed that he would receive a visa within 21 days. A few months later, the agency informed the victim that there were job vacancies in Malaysia. After a month, a medical check-up was arranged in Chennai for the job. The victim did not receive any update from the recruitment agency.

In a similar incident, an engineering graduate from Coimbatore received a call from the same agency; offering a job in a Singapore-based company with a salary of Rs 1.30 Lakh to Rs 1.50 Lakh a month. To receive the offer letter, he was asked to pay Rs 2 Lakh.

The agency informed the victim that they had sent many people to Singapore and Malaysia. To make sure that the job was genuine, the victim contacted his friend who resided in Singapore and asked him about the company in which the job was offered. He found that the company existed and the salary offered by the agency matched the salary provided by the company for that job profile.

Not just this agency, there are other agencies which are set up with the intention of cheating job seekers to make quick money. They collect a large amount from job seekers by promising employment and return a small portion of the money to the aspirants stating lack of vacancies.

The agencies which are set up to cheat people return the small amounts to previous applicants by collecting the initial charges from new applicants. They normally close down the business at a stage when they are unable to rotate the money.

While collecting the initial charges from job seekers, these agencies even collect passports as security; so that job seekers pay the remaining amount to collect the documents. This kind of fraud normally starts with posting advertisements in websites and posting content on social media. So, it is very important to be careful when you come across an advertisement online; or receive a call offering jobs in foreign countries.

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