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E-commerce customers are soon going to be Kings

IamCheated.com Research Team | February 26, 2020  2:20:pm

E-commerce customers are soon going to be Kings

Tell me who does not love online shopping? Online shopping is almost everyone's favorite. With the help of online shopping, you can buy a lot of things ranging from grocery to furniture. The main reason why people prefer online shopping is due to convenience and huge offers and discounts.

In the case of online shopping, you can order whatever you want from the comfort of home. Online shopping helps you save both money and time. Online shopping has eliminated the need to visit shops personally to buy things. It also saves a lot of money when compared to offline shopping.

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While online shopping provides various advantages, it has its set of disadvantages. Not everyone who shops online is happy with the product. There will be a lot of issues like receiving a low-quality product, a different product or fake products. There are some fake online shopping websites which are set up with the intention of cheating people.

As online shoppers have been facing a lot of issues, Government is planning to tighten the screws on online platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. Once this new order is passed, the customer is the King. According to sources, the government is planning to introduce stricter rules to discipline online shopping platforms.

Customer interest is protected through this new rule and it is going to ensure that any online fraud, refund issues and complaints with regard to the cancellation of orders are adequately addressed.

As per the sources in the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, all kinds of suggestions with respect to the regulations for the e-commerce sector have been received by the government. A month back, the government had invited suggestions from all stakeholders and the public. This new rules might get implemented from the next financial year starting 1st April.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the rules that might be introduced by the government as per the sources:

1. For the return of the product, the responsibility is fixed within 48-72 hours of the cancellation.

2. Within 7 days of cancellation, e-commerce companies must refund the money to customers.

3. E-commerce companies must resolve any normal complaints from customers within 15 days from the complaint date. The complaints must be resolved only after receiving customers' permission.

4. Serious complaints from the customers should be resolved within 30 days from which the complaint was received.

5. It is going to be mandatory for each e-commerce company to have customer care numbers and emails for complaints.

6. Provisions for punishing customers for fake complaints would be introduced. The penalty is going to be monetary in nature.

Provisions only for genuine customer feedback and reviews would come up.

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