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Elderly Woman Duped Of Rs 8 lakh By A Facebook Friend

IamCheated.com Research Team | February 19, 2019  6:21:pm

Facebook is a great place to be in touch with your friends and family. Nowadays, almost everyone has a Facebook account starting from children to elderly people and they spend a lot of time on Facebook.  Facebook not only lets you to be in touch with your known friends but also lets you meet new people. As we all know Facebook has options for sending friend request and accepting friend request. If you accept friend request your friend can see all the information that you have posted. But, have you ever thought about the dangers of making strangers friend on Facebook.

In this blog, we will talk about a real-life story of a 69-year-old woman who was cheated of Rs 8 lakh by a Facebook friend.

Here is what Happened?

In the month of July 2018, a person named Nanwani sent a request to the 69-year-old elderly woman who stays in Pune. The woman accepted his request and they started chatting. Eventually, this turned into friendship and they also exchanged their numbers post which they started to chat on their phones.

The accused targeted the woman emotionally to gain her trust wherein, the accused told the woman that he was thrown out of the house and there was nobody to support him. By gaining the woman's sympathy and trust he started visiting her place frequently.

The woman's son was a stock market analyst due which his work demanded him to be a frequent traveler to Mumbai. The accused well versed of the facts visited the woman's house only during his son’s absence. The woman during such days cooked for him and they had lunch together.

Knowing that nobody is at home other than the woman the accused somehow managed to steal two expensive watches, cash, and jewellery worth Rs 8 lakh from the vault. The woman did not notice this robbery until her son returned home.  To his shock he founded that his expensive watch, cash, and jewellery were all gone from the vault.

Later, the woman informed her son that Nanwani had visited the house. He immediately lodged a police complaint and they are still investigating the matter.

Befriending people on Facebook, especially woman has become a common trick used by the fraudsters to cheat people. So, it is very important to be careful while getting close to strangers on Facebook. You must never accept the request of the people whom you do not know. Adding people you don’t know on Facebook gives them access to the information you post on Facebook and this can be misused.

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