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Email hacked and money stolen from e-wallet

IamCheated.com Research Team | August 21, 2019  1:33:am

Email hacked and money stolen from e-wallet

Fraudsters come up with various tricks to cheat people and wipe out their bank accounts. The most common techniques used by fraudsters are vishing, phishing, hacking and so on.

In the last few years, these frauds are on the rise as the number of people using online transactions is increasing. In this blog, we will discuss how a 22-year-old school dropout cheated nearly 50 people by stealing money from their e-wallets through email hacking.  He had learnt to hack by watching online video tutorials on the Internet.

The accused targeted people involved in the money transfer business and collected a database of their email IDs and phone numbers from the Internet. He used to hack their email id by using his mobile phone. Once the email id is hacked he would access the usernames and passwords of e-wallets that were saved in their emails.

Using these details he would log in to the victims e-wallets and transfer money to his own account from the bank account which is linked to e-wallets.

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The investigation against the accused was started after a person who ran a money transfer shop; filed a complaint with the Police stating that Rs 83,900 was stolen from his account by hacking his login ID and password. The amount was deducted in 18 transactions. The accused had hacked his account and generated a fake password.

In a similar case, a person who ran a photo studio registered a complaint stating that Rs 1 Lakh was stolen from his account by hacking his email id. The money was deducted in three transactions within six minutes.

The accused had hacked the Google Drive of the victim in which he had saved the pictures of his credit card and other bank details. As the OTP was sent to the victims email id, it was easy for the fraudsters to carry out the transaction.

The accused was very smart, even though he had studied only till the 6th standard. He would spend all the stolen money on parties in clubs, a leisurely lifestyle and frequent visits to hill stations with his friends.

How to protect your email account from hackers?

1. Set a strong password

The password you set for your email ID must be very strong; so that nobody can guess it. Avoid keeping birthday and family members names as your passwords. Your password must be a mixture of small letters, capital letters, and numbers. You must also change your passwords frequently.

2. Do not click on a suspicious link

You must not click on a suspicious link which is sent through emails. Clicking on the suspicious link can lead to your account getting hacked.

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