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Facts You Didn't Know On Gold

IamCheated.com Research Team | July 10, 2018  7:29:pm

Indians are crazy about gold and it is not just used to make jewelry and ornaments, it is also considered a popular form of Investment. India is one of the largest consumers of gold in the World. Being the largest consumer of gold, it is very important to know some interesting facts on gold.

Facts On Gold:

1.Gold can be consumed

Gold is used for consumption. You might have seen some sweets covered in gold leaves. Usually, gold is used in food items to add some royalty value. Gold is mixed with silver while it is used in food. This is because 24 karat pure gold is chemically inert and it will not be absorbed by your body. As there are no health benefits of eating gold, it is not worth consuming it.

2.Medicinal use

Gold is also used in the treatment of diseases. The common form of gold treatment is via injection as the oral gold formulation is less effective. The liquid gold is injected in people who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. This helps in relieving pain. The gold is used in implants which can treat some types of ear and eye conditions.

3.The Olympic gold medal isn't made of gold

Many people may not know that the Olympic gold medal is not made of gold. The Olympic gold medal consists of around 1% gold and the rest comprises of 92% silver and 6% copper. Only during the year 1904, 1908 and 1912, Olympic winners were given solid gold medals.

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Aurophobia is a fear of gold. Some people suffer from an extreme fear of gold or a golden object. The symptoms of aurophobia are panic attacks, nausea, dizziness, irregular heartbeat, and slow breathing. The symptoms are usually caused when this person sees gold.

5.Physical features of gold

Pure gold is a soft metal and it can be molded with your hands.  Gold is also a malleable metal. This means it can be beaten into sheets. It has very poor resistance to electricity. Electric charges pass through it very easily.

6.Origin of the name

The chemical symbol of gold in the periodic table is Au. It is the short form of the Latin word “Aurum”. The word Aurum means shining dawn. The English name gold is derived from an old English word 'Geolo', meaning yellow.

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