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Fake Website Tricks Job Seekers

IamCheated.com Research Team | May 22, 2018  7:00:pm

Having a job is very important. Your job gives you money and helps you enjoy peace of mind. Many people strive hard to get the dream job. Unfortunately, fraudsters use the need or desperation of a job, to trick innocent job seekers.

Recently a 21-year-old unemployed man duped many job seekers by creating fake websites using a name similar to a Bhopal State Government website. He cheated job aspirants by introducing himself as a district employment officer and promising naïve youth that he would provide jobs and business opportunities. The fraudster used to earn good income as he was collecting money from job seekers and also enjoyed ad revenue as many victims were visiting his website to check the status of their jobs.

The State cyber cell has arrested the accused after a complaint was filed by a Sehore-based man Arpit Dubey. As per the complaint, the victim was cheated to the tune of Rs 55,000. The victim had come across the website called www.mprojgar.net. The fraudster named Mukesh Hanote had introduced himself as a district employment officer on the website.

The Fraudster enticed the victim into his trap by claiming his elder brother was the State Head in a Government Gas agency. The Fraudster promised the victim that he would help him to get a gas agency for his area and took Rs 55,000 from him.

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Police conducted an investigation and arrested the accused. During the investigation, police found that the accused had come to Bhopal in August 2017 in search of a job. After some days he joined a web development company as a peon for the salary of Rs 6,000 a month.

A few days later he got a website designed in the name of www.mprojgar.net by requesting his employer to help him, create one. He introduced himself as an employment officer on the website and posted all his contact details through which he contacted victims. He provided an online payment gateway on the website and he collected registration fees from his victims. As there was another government website in the same name, people mistook it as a government website and registered on it. 

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