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Flight Cancellation Turns into Nightmare: Man Loses Rs 1 Lakh

IamCheated.com Research Team | March 25, 2019  5:48:pm

Flight Cancellation Turns into Nightmare: Man Loses Rs 1 Lakh

Online frauds are rising in India each day and many innocent people are losing lakhs of rupees by falling prey to these frauds. You get to read on at least one story where a person has been cheated by an online fraudster. You might have recently heard of a story where a woman from Pune lost Rs 82,000 while requesting for a refund.

Now, this is a story where a senior citizen from Delhi lost Rs 1 Lakh to online fraud. This kind of fraud usually takes place due to lack of awareness. Even though banks and financial institutions are alerting customers on possible frauds which might take place, there has been a rise in online frauds.

Fraudsters usually target senior citizens and housewives to carry out online frauds. In this blog, we will talk about the story of a senior citizen who lost Rs 1 Lakh while canceling a flight ticket.

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Flight Cancellation Turns In to Nightmare: Man Loses Rs 1 Lakh

Recently, a senior citizen from Delhi had booked an air ticket on Air India which he wanted to cancel for some reason. He tried to cancel the ticket online, but due to some issue, he was not able to make the cancellation. So, he called up the customer care number of the airline. As per the report, it was not clear if he called up the genuine customer care number or the number which appeared on the Google search engine.

When the senior citizen called up the customer care, the customer care executive gave him a mobile number and asked him to call up that number. When he contacted that number, he was asked to give bank account and debit card details saying he would get a refund for cancelling the ticket. He then received 3 to 4 OTP's which he was asked to share. As soon as he shared these OTP's, he received an SMS saying Rs 1 Lakh was debited from his bank account.

The victim immediately contacted the bank branch and lodged a complaint. He was told to file a police complaint immediately. Now, the police are conducting an investigating.

How to stay away from such frauds?

In order to save yourself from online fraud, you must keep the following things in mind:

1. Never share your debit card number, CVV, expiry date and any other bank details with anyone including bank employees.

2. Do not share the OTP you receive on your mobile number and email Id.

3. Never call the customer care number which comes up on Google. Instead, you must visit the official website of the company and collect the customer care number.

4. You must always keep one thing in mind that banks or customer care executives never ask you to share debit/credit card details and OTP over the phone.

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