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Fraudsters cheat students by using CBI's name

IamCheated.com Research Team | February 03, 2020  11:35:am

Fraudsters cheat students by using CBI's name

We all know that the Central Bureau of Investigation which is popularly known as the CBI; is the main investigating agency in India. CBI is known for investigating several economic crimes, special crimes, cases of corruption and other high-profile cases. CBI had recently announced a new voluntary internship programme. Under this program, research assistants, postgraduates, and graduates are allowed to work with the agency for a period of six to eight weeks. This internship programme takes place during the summer vacations.

A total of 30 interns are selected for different CBI branches located across the country. Candidates participating in the internship programme will be trained in the collection of information and data along with investigative techniques.

A lot of students are interested in attending the CBI internship and applying for the same. Fraudsters are taking advantage of this situation by creating advertisements similar to CBI and streaming it through email, websites and social websites.

These fake advertisements created by fraudsters demand money from students for the CBI internship programme. Believing this to be true, many innocent students have paid money to these fraudsters.

In the advertisement, fraudsters have said that candidates attending the internship will be getting fixed pay and other benefits. Fraudsters have also promised that after completion of the internship programme, candidates would be employed with the CBI. Lodging and travel facilities would also be provided. In order to apply for this programme, the candidates are asked to fill the online form and forward the same along with photos and payment.

After this incident, the Central Bureau of Investigation has advised people to be careful on this fraud. Victims are advised to speak out to catch these fraudsters.

CBI has made it clear that it does not charge any fees for the internship and the candidates who are selected for the training will have to bear traveling and lodging expenses. It has also been confirmed that only limited people are going to be trained under this internship programme and there is no guarantee of employment after the completion of the internship.

According to the notification issued by the CBI, only 30 students will be selected for the internship. Preference will be given to applicants specializing in Forensic Science, Data Analysis, Criminology, Management, Law, Economics, Commerce, and associated subjects.

CBI has also said that the applications must be downloaded from the CBI's official academy and website. After filling the application, it must be sent only through the post. The completed forms have to be sent by speed post to CBI Academy, SP (training department) at CBI Academy, Ghaziabad, UP.

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