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Get Your Driving License Delivered At Your Doorstep

IamCheated.com Research Team | July 10, 2018  6:56:pm

Soon, you will not have to go anywhere in-person to collect your driving license or registration certificate (RC). The Road Transport Office (RTO) of the Delhi Government, is planning to launch a new scheme under which driving licenses or a registration certificate (RC) will be delivered at your doorstep. As per the report, the person who is willing to avail this service, has to call a helpline and apply for his documents. After this, a “mobile-sahayak” will visit the applicant’s home and help him fill his application form. This experience will be like approaching a help desk at the RTO.

Once the basic documents are furnished, the assistants will fix an appointment for an on-ground driving test. Even though this service can be done online, the mobile sahayak team provides offline services to serve the people who do not have access to the internet.

After the appointments are fixed, the applicant has to visit his local RTO to give the driving test. This is the only time the applicant has to visit the RTO. Once the test is cleared by the applicant, the driving license will be delivered at his doorstep.

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To avail this service a nominal fee of Rs 50 will be charged to applicants. The RTO officers who visit the applicant’s house to collect documents are provided with tablets and a mobile scanner to scan and upload all documents of the applicants.

To make the licensing process more efficient, the RTO will change the mode of the test. Previously, the procedure worked on a first come first serve basis. This led to a lot of congestion at the RTO. To avoid the crowd and congestion, the RTO will give applicants a time slot between 8 am and 2 pm at which point, the candidate can come in, give the test and leave. At present 100 diving licenses will be taken at each RTO.

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The Delhi RTO is planning to launch this service as soon as possible to help people get their driving license and registration certificate delivered to their doorstep. Some people say that as the process is being carried out at homes of people, this will lead to corruption. This may not be true because the driving test is carried out at the RTO office and the entire test will be monitored and recorded on cameras.

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