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Google Search Fraud: Here’s how it happened

IamCheated.com Research Team | December 20, 2018  1:19:pm

Google Search Fraud: Here’s how it happened

Technology has made our life very easy and a lot of things can be done, just by sitting at home. We can buy clothes, order food, pay utility bills, book movie tickets and much more, through the online route. While indulging in online searches, many people prefer the most popular search engine, Google Search.

Google search is the most used search engine in the World and helps find what you want. While the Google search engine is helping everyone find want they require, a Google Search fraud cost a lady, a sum of Rs 1 Lakh.

Recently, fraudsters have come up with a new trick to cheat people by using the Google Search Engine. While Google is helping a lot of people, fraudsters are misusing services to trick people out of their hard earned money.

How did Google Search fraud take place?

Whenever we want to find the customer care number of any company, we usually stick to the Google Search engine. In much the same way, a lady from East Delhi’s Seemapuri who had issues with her e-wallet account, wanted to call the customer care number of the company.

As she didn't know the customer care number, she searched for it on Google and called up the number which appeared right at the top of the Google search engine. The customer care executive asked her to provide banking details to resolve the issue. Hoping to get a refund, the lady provided all her bank details and card information. After some time, she was shocked to find that Rs 1 Lakh had been debited from her account.  She had become the victim to the Google search fraud.

There are many such frauds happening these days, so you must be very careful while calling the numbers which appear on the Google Search engine.

Many people may be having doubts on how fraudsters are able to add their mobile numbers in the place of company numbers. It is not very difficult to do so. Google lets anyone edit the details of bank, shops or any other establishments on Google Maps and Google Search. This option is made available to enhance the services, but fraudsters are misusing this for their own personal gain. 

People, who are not aware of online frauds and scams, blindly believe that the number provided on the Google search to be genuine. When innocent people call fraudsters, they pose as customer care executives and collect all personal information like bank and card details.

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How to avoid Google Search fraud?

You must not blindly believe the information provided online, even if it says it is provided by a government organization. Don’t rely on information that first comes up on Google. Instead, you must visit the official website of the company for contact details.

In case anyone asks you for your banking details over the phone, don’t give them. No banks or companies ask you to provide personal information over the phone.

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