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Guide To Make Safe Online Transactions

IamCheated.com Research Team | June 11, 2018  2:03:pm

The Internet provides a lot of services and these days, people cannot survive without having an internet connection. We use internet for almost everything and one of the useful services availed by a lot of people on a regular basis are online payments. We use internet for transferring money, paying utility bills, online shopping and for buying and selling stocks. As the number of people using the internet rises, fraudsters are using numerous tricks to steal your hard-earned money. In this blog, we will discuss various measures to make safe online transactions.

1. Do not share your OTP with strangers

The One Time Password (OTP), you receive on your mobile while conducting an online transaction, is very sensitive and you must never share it with anyone. Fraudsters could call you, posing as bank executives and ask you to share your OTP. You should not fall for such tricks. In case you lose the mobile number registered with your bank account, get the lost SIM blocked as soon as possible.

2.  Check the website encryption

All the payment gateways, bank websites and digital payment platforms should be secured with the HTTPS socket. This ensures that the payments made by you are safe and secure.

The authenticity of the website can be checked by looking at the URL of the website. While browsing, the website should have the Secure label in green colour on the left side of the URL. Do not provide banking details if the URL does not contain a secure label.

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3. Update your software and apps ?

Even though you download apps from a reliable marketplace, you must update them with the latest versions. Updating your app to the latest version, helps secure your data from cyber threats.  You should always install the latest available update for your device’s operating system. In case you avoid making the updates, you might be putting your sensitive information at high risk.

4.   Always Lock your phone or wallet

To keep your money safe in your wallet or account, make sure to lock your mobile phone with a pattern or security code. As a password is a primary factor to protect your data from hackers, it should be strong and unique. Also, change your password often.

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