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Guidelines by HDFC bank for debit card users

IamCheated.com Research Team | August 14, 2019  6:28:pm

Guidelines by HDFC bank for debit card users

Almost everyone uses debit cards and it has become a very important part of life. We can't imagine even a day without the debit card. Normally; debit cards are used to make payments at almost all places.

Be it a restaurant, shopping mall or a hospital; we swipe our cards to make payments. The debit card has reduced the hassles of standing in a long queue at banks to withdraw cash.

Now, we simply go to any nearby ATM and withdraw cash. While debit cards are used extensively; card frauds are on the rise. Fraudsters come up with new tricks each day to cheat ATM card users. They normally target people who use ATM cards to withdraw cash from ATMs.

So, if you have an ATM card and make regular visits to bank ATMs, you have to be really careful. Now, HDFC Bank has issued certain guidelines to customers to stay safe from ATM fraud. It has asked customers to do certain things to ensure they do not lose money to bank ATM fraud. In this blog, we will discuss the tips offered by HDFC bank to customers.

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Guidelines by HDFC bank for debit card users

1. Debit card holders must develop the habit of memorizing the PIN. They must never write down the PIN anywhere; and not even on the back of the card.

2. Never share your PIN or ATM card with anyone including your friends, family and bank employees.

3. Make sure to change your ATM PIN regularly.

4. Never take the help of strangers while using your ATM card or handling cash.

5. Stand very close to the ATM machine while withdrawing cash. Use your body and hands to cover the keypad of the ATM machine.

6. Avoid carrying out any transaction at an ATM machine; if any kind of unusual device is connected to it.

7. Develop the habit of clicking on the "Cancel" key and waiting for the welcome screen; before you leave the ATM room. Also, collect your card and transaction slip.

8. Make sure to destroy the transaction slip immediately.

9. In case your debit card is stolen or lost; report it to the bank as soon as possible. You can report it to the bank by visiting their website or by calling their customer care number.

10. Make sure to register your mobile number with the Bank. This helps get alerts for each transaction.

11. Call your bank immediately, if your card gets stuck in the ATM.

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